The Spirited Woman
Spring Equinox is all about transformation. With so much going on, now is the time to nestle in and read a good book. On this Top 12 Book Pick list, we've featured an array of authors who will inspire you. We urge you to support these spirited talents. Save this list year round & beyond! A great resource for you.
LIVING A VIBRANT LIFE - will inspire you to live your best life, to want to be a better person, a better friend, a better parent and to live a fulfilled life. It reminds readers that life is precious and can be better than ever. This book is filled with laughter and tears and insights and love.

THE DO-IT-YOURSELF GUIDE TO CONSCIOUS LIVING - National awards winner for Inspirational Non-Fiction and Books on Relationships. This uniquely insightful read brings you face-to-face with the one relationship in your life that dictates all the others - the one you have with yourself. Filled with aha moments to help you finally break through the habits that are holding you back. Amazon.

ROOTS OF FORGIVENESS - A must read to heal your life. Written from Life Coach Christine's personal journey and client stories from her coaching in positive energy/psychology.  She outlines 8 essential elements to unlock soul-focused clarity to authentically forgive and heal, one of the hardest relationship events, betrayal, and free your capacity to choose what's next from "BigLove." Amazon.  

SIX HEALING QUESTIONS - Are you ready to transform your grief? Madonna shares her story of loss, asks gentle questions, provides tangible tools, and easy-to-understand research. Discover your hidden strength, your gifts, and your path to wholeness. Accept your story while embracing hope. Grief is a journey and beauty awaits you. Join Madonna on this remarkable path towards healing. Amazon.
DEEP LIVING WITH THE ENNEAGRAM: RECOVERING YOUR TRUE NATURE - #1 International Best Seller reveals how we unknowingly turn from our deepest nature. Rather than experiencing ourselves as whole and integral to the fabric of life, we often feel separate, even from ourselves. Meeting yourself with kindness, experience the Enneagram as a vehicle for healing, wholeness and transformation.  Amazon.
FLYGIRL- by R. D. Kardon "is both thoughtful and gripping. [Kardon] vividly portrays the fine line between respect and familiarity that women in nontraditional roles must walk to do their jobs well in the face of sexual harassment on one hand and antagonistic resistance on the other. Tris is an appealing and relatable character..." Kirkus Amazon.
THE BIRDS AND BEES OF JOYFUL MONOGAMY - Lynne Sheridan, an international transformational trainer for 27 years, has worked with tens of thousands of people - creating wealth, success and happy relationships. Her book provides the best predominant research on happy couples and puts muscle behind it with risky, sexy and in-depth exercises to transform your relationship. Dive in and ENJOY! Amazon.

A NEW LIFE AWAITS: SPIRIT GUIDED INSIGHTS TO SUPPORT GLOBAL AWAKENING - shares the divinity within that yearns to know itself as love and infinite possibilities to champion the challenges of modern day life. Whether in body or pure energy, the soul is the oneness of Spirit's Intelligence, seeking higher consciousness. In miraculous stories Sheryl gives us a blueprint for healing! Amazon.
THE INEVITABLE PAST - by Carrie Knowles. Is your grandmother's life woven into your dreams and your destiny? The Inevitable Past carries us from the past to the present through two cities and two centuries as it challenges the reader to reconsider who we really are and why we make the decisions we do. It will haunt you.
21 HACKS TO ROCK YOUR LIFE - Are you unfocused, distracted and holding yourself back from what you really want? Cat Coluccio's engaging and practical guide will help you take control of your life. It's time to Stop procrastinating, get unstuck, and live your best life 'On-Purpose' today! It's time to ROCK your life! Amazon.  

TREE SPIRITED WOMAN - Multi-Award Winning Book! Over 25,000 Copies Sold! A story of spiritual awakening and life enrichment wherever one is in their life journey. 100% relevant teachings about acceptance, letting go, living in the present, and the all important concept of gratitude. This is a Must read for Women everywhere.
MOURNING DOVE - The winner of five awards, this book is a Southern family saga set in the genteel side of 1970's Memphis. Millie Crossan tells of growing up with her charismatic brother, Finley, amidst the glittering social mores of Southern society. But what hidden variables take their shared history to leave brother and sister at disparate ends? Amazon

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