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SPRING EQUINOX is such a great time to be inspired, read about new things, learn more. On our Spring Equinox Top 12 Book Pick list, we've included an array of gifted authors to help you be uplifted. We urge you to support these spirited talents! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.
HEALING YOUR SOUL IN A CHAOTIC WORLD: DEFYING THE ODDS OF SANITY AND SURVIVAL - Wendy Lee Baldwin. The secrets to healing torment from betrayal, grief, abuse, rejection, shame and poor self-image, through re-telling of the author's turbulent journey of near self-destruction to total empowerment and transformation. You'll learn how you can do it too - your solution to a better life. Amazon.

FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR LIFE, ONE WEEK AT A TIME - is a Living Now Book Award Recipient, by author and certified professional coach - Emily Madill. This resource is intended to support individuals looking to live life with more meaning and presence. Each week there is a beautiful picture, a weekly essay and space for readers to formulate personalized learning. Amazon.

FAST FORWARD: SURVIVING THE RACE TO THE FUTURE - is the sequel to Linda Schurman's first book: What Next? A Survival Guide to the 21st Century. Linda has a proven track record in predicting cycles in politics, world financial markets, climate, and scientific breakthroughs. Her book highlights critical issues, emergent crises and the exciting possibilities that present solutions that could recreate a new human presence.
TABOO: SACRED, DON'T TOUCH - AN AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL JOURNEY SPANNING SIX THOUSAND YEARS - "I had to tell the whole story of my Soul's continuum," Kay Taylor Parker says, "exploring this singular lifetime seemed too one-dimensional." Her diverse life, including an eight year adult film career, plus 30 years as a spiritual mentor provide interesting paradoxes, not to mention sexual conflicts familiar to many. Amazon.

WISER AND WILDER, A SOULFUL PATH FOR VISIONARY WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS -  A HOW TO BE book that empowers you to grow your business the Wise Woman Way.  Access your Inner Crone, Grow a Soulful Community and Become Money Wise. "With practical exercises to enrich the learning, this book is an inspiration. Kaya's writing is insightful, wise and supportive". J. Rubinstein

THE TAO OF TURNING FIFTY, WHAT EVERY WOMAN IN HER FORTIES NEEDS TO KNOW - provides wisdom on the Tango at Mid-Life, The Power of Doing Nothing and Where did My Libido Go?  It addresses women who fear they're going crazy, and those who want a road map for what is coming ahead, the 'whole new life' they'll experience at fifty.
STEPS TO FREEDOM - When a doctor tells you that you may not live until morning you pay attention. When Wendy McClelland heard those words, a bacterial infection was literally eating away parts of her spine, one kidney and damaging her brain. Wendy shares her story of recovery and rebuilding her life, learning to walk again and returning to her family.

FROM QUESTIONING TO KNOWING - This powerful prayer book by Lisa Barnett offers immediate gratification and healing results from prayers that speak to your heart.  The easy meditations take you into the Akashic healing vibration for accelerated soul growth. You'll receive immediate and direct shifts in energy and the experience of being embraced by the divine and held in Love. Free Gifts:


FIRE LOVE - Throughout Marya's life she has penetrated into her own heart's endless reservoirs. She shares with us love's extraordinarily impactful qualities---its divine light, limitless creativity, soulful depth and compelling freedom. Best of all, though, she inspiringly invites us to ignite our own heart's enormous freedom.  This book is a timely read during these challenging times. Amazon.

THE DIVORCED MOM'S GUIDE TO DATING - answers the big question, overwhelmed, single moms struggle with: "Why do I work so hard, but don't get the love, success and support that I want"? With her unique 3P's™ concept, Mai Vu takes you on a journey back to yourself and your birthright to then expand your freedom and power. www.maivucoach.comAmazon.

THE ALCHEMY OF RELATIONSHIP - Utilizing the sacred tool of the Qi Vesta, an ancient manifestation device brought forward by mentor, Almine, author Stasia Bliss takes the reader on a journey that is transformational, transmutational and transfigurative. Written like an alchemical equation, the text elevates your relations and changes the way you perceive and experience love. Amazon
WOMEN OVERCOMING DEMONS 9 STEPS FOR BECOMING WHOLE AGAIN - by Michelle McCullar, takes you on a journey to discover your gifts and your truth. Part autobiography, part inspiration, and part self-help, the stories within will guide, inspire and empower you to break free from the ties that bind, allowing you to lead a life of purpose, passion, and joy.



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