The Spirited Woman
SPRING EQUINOX is all about leaping into newness. On our Spring Equinox Top 12 Book Pick list, we've featured an array of authors who will inspire, uplift you, and help you see the world from a different perspective. We urge you to support these spirited talents! Save this list year round! A great resource for you.
THE WISDOM OF CIRCLES - A combination personal journey, training guide and empowering inspiration, Christine Moses shares her insights gleaned from helping women fully express themselves in circles. Applying her wisdom, she provides practical tools to create and facilitate circles for personal growth and development. Whether a beginner or a seasoned professional, this book will help you build a powerful foundation. Amazon

CEREMONIES FROM THE HEART - provides step-by-step guidance for constructing family rites of passage for people in any stage of life. Designed to help readers create their own ceremonies, the book shares intimate stories from people who have undertaken their own transformation through ceremonies. It also offers ways to listen closely to the Earth to through rituals. Amazon.

LOVE@WORK - Do you yearn for more purpose in your work and life? Are you inspired to make a positive difference? If your answer is 'yes,' this is your guide. Introducing the LOVE@WORK MethodTM, you begin with learning self-love. As you progress, you unveil your gifts and purpose. And finally, you are guided to take your purpose to the world. Amazon.
WRITE YOUR WAY TO YOUR DREAMS! Simple writing exercises can change your life. Writer Kelly Simmons created these writing exercises to manifest soulmates, travel adventures, career success, dream homes, more money, plus courage, confidence, and clarity to go for any dream! Unclog your manifestation process and live a magical life - using just a pen and paper.

THE FEMININE PATH TO WHOLENESS - by Colleen R. Russell is written for women in transition who seek to discover their gifts, fulfill their potential and live authentic lives from the wisdom of their soul. Through honest and provocative storytelling, colorful artwork and compelling quotes, Colleen's story helps women to become conscious queens, authors of their own lives. Amazon.

DANCING ON THE TIGHTROPE - Unknowingly, we all can get stuck in five mental habits that stand between us and our fullest life.  Psychologist and award winning author Beth Kurland blends personal narrative with over twenty years of clinical experience to teach us how five essential tools can transform these habits into lasting inner resources for resilience, self-compassion, well-being and joy. Amazon.

RECIPE FOR YOUR SOUL - Outlining a step by step process of easy meditation which is not only reflective but also highly transformational. For anyone in the midst of change, desiring change and not knowing how to co-create it, or anyone just tired of feeling stuck, this book offers an easy to follow process to a successful, empowering, and delicious life! Amazon.

SIR, I'M NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL! - For Mary Lynn, coming of age in a big city where she is totally inexperienced in the wily ways of men is not for sissies. Her third memoir is the humorous account of a small-town lass who heads to San Francisco in the late '50s and blunders into the wild world of show business, with interesting and challenging consequences. Amazon.


HEAVEN HELP ME  - Donna Criqui teaches you through her inspiring personal stories how to connect to the Universe and recognize messages you are receiving every day. Insightfully learn what challenges could be saying and how your body receives messages. Tips included on manifesting signs and miracles and utilizing energy to create a world you love. Amazon.

FROM STRESSED TO BLESSED - Drawing from Reiki, Native Shamanism, Angelic energies and meditation - Intentional Creativity® Practitioner Cindy Taylor Clark reveals a variety of simple practices, prompts, and rituals, that will help you release old limiting beliefs and achieve harmony in your physical, emotional, and spiritual energies. This inspirational book offers you a new life vision. Amazon.
THE AWAKENED LIFE - Author Uma Alexandra Beepat shares her personal transformational journey of awakening and enlightenment as a reference for you to reflect on your own journey. Included with each chapter are reflective questions used to challenge you to take a closer look at your life and make adjustments as needed. Have you experienced your spiritual awakening yet? Balboa Press.

MY F*CKING LONG JOURNEY TO LOVING MYSELF: A GUIDE TO A SHORTER PATH - Best selling author Marla Goldberg weaves the story of her life along with the Tools, Tips and Techniques (TTT's) that she continually uses to help her release anger, frustration, stress, and to bring in forgiveness and ultimately self-love. This book is designed to shift your life experience.  Amazon.

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