The Spirited Woman
SPRING EQUINOX is a time of great transition. Now more than ever, it is a time to support and help each other - and to reach out for support and help. And to stay healthy and safe. Our Top 12 Pick List is filled with women visionaries who will help, support, and inspire you. We urge you to support these spirited women. Save this list! A great resource tool for you all year round & beyond.
LOIS HERMANN - is a Board-Certified Hypnotist and medical professional with decades of expertise in spiritually-based energy alignment. A corporate leader and educator, she enjoys coaching, teaching, and writing insightful articles, blogs, and several inspired books. Host to the Inspiring Hope Radio Show, Lois passionately shares uplifting messages to help shift humanity to the positive. Discover more at

MIDLIFE COURAGE COACH Sheree Clark believes that "It takes guts to live the second half of your life for you, when you've lived the first half for everyone else." In her practice called Fork in the Road, she coaches clients one-on-one and in groups on how to reenergize their passion for (the second half of) life!
CHRISTINE ELIZABETH LEON - is a soul-focused Certified Life Coach, experienced love-warrior and author. Positive Psychology/Energy coaching, and Feminine-Power trained. Helping brilliant, successful women 50+ in crisis after betrayal, to reclaim their life, heal & cultivate resilient joy. Women committed to developing self-empowerment and creating positive, loving transformation in themselves and their relationships. She currently resides in Aptos, CA.
LIFESTYLE BRAND PHOTOGRAPHER, Mary Carol Fitzgerald, captures the essence of people & environments that moves the viewer closer. Much like her fine art photography, her signature system for entrepreneurs & influencers, Vision Into Your Brand, is an experience connecting you to a deeper more compelling vision for your life & business. Every image is blessed & infused with intention.

ARE YOU LIVING YOUR VERY BEST, VIBRANT LIFE? As a healthy living advocate and best selling author, Carol Fitzgerald's passion is to empower and inspire women
to live healthy & fulfilled lives. Her ultimate goal is to serve people and make a difference in the lives of others, even if only one person at a time.

PATTI CONKLIN - is a vibrational mediator with rare vision. Her sight and understanding of vibration allow her the ability to identify and remove blockages in the body. She is the host of Healing Within on Binge Networks and Apple Podcasts, deep-diving into the ideas of energies, perceptions, vibrations, and their collective impact on our well-being. Learn more at

PATTI STEVENS - is an Ageless Lifestyle Mentor, Soul Realignment Practitioner, Reiki Master, Pilates and Trauma Recovery Yoga instructor, blogger and essential oil advocate who helps women bring their life into balance - Body, Mind and Soul - and live agelessly. She also holds a monthly Women's Soul Journey-A Full Circle Model locally and online. To find out more about Patti visit:
BRANDY JONES - is a lifelong entrepreneur and educator. At the age of 7, she started her first business, and thus began a Legacy of Financial Empowerment. You know how some women struggle with running out of money before the end of the month and they don't know what happened, Brandy supports them to take charge of their money and savings.

CAROL LOOK, LCSW, EFT MASTER - is an author, speaker, and creator of her signature coaching method, The Yes Code. Carol is a founding EFT Master, licensed psychotherapist, and international workshop leader, and combines her traditional training with advanced applications of EFT to help people enjoy exceptional success. For more on Carol's work, visit
TINA MYERS, CERTIFIED NUTRITION COACH, CERTIFIED SUCCESS PRINCIPLES TRAINER - Works with busy women prioritizing their health to reduce stress, get stronger, and feel energetic. Her meal planning feeds health and starves disease to achieve deep health physically, emotionally, mentally. As a wife, mom, entrepreneur, figure competitor, understands the discipline and time management to motivate women to care for themselves.
MESSAGES of GUIDANCE - Lindsay Godfree is an Angelic Intuitive and visionary who had a profound awakening experience of Oneness. Get a personal message just for you and claim a FREE Archangel meditation on her website. Creator of the Consciousness Guide blog, her expertise is in mentoring those who want to expand their Awakening process and "Live Life Consciously." Facebook.
INSPIRED BY HER OWN AWAKENING - Laina Orlando, Awareness Coach and Author, is on a mission to simplify the Spiritual Journey for seekers of Truth. Visit her website to receive The Soul's Journey, a FREE Video Series that will explain the 6 phases we all go through from Conception to Enlightenment. Laina's mantra is: "Life is fun and easy!"
Every woman on this pick list has made a difference for women. If you would like to be featured or recommend another Spirited Woman for our next list, call Nancy @ 805-698-3555 or Our Top 12 Pick List logo is a symbol of recognition for inspiring and supporting other women.