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  Spring Equinox 2016
Life lessons seem to be what this newsletter is about. By stating that I wanted to sell my business, which was a focusing of my energy by energizing my purpose, I have come to a whole new awareness. I do NOT want to sell all of my business at this time!!!! Only 49% until I have passed on my legacy.

Living my life on the water has gifted me in many ways that I just can't let go of, like: Mood therapy, color therapy, as well as the therapeutic effect of sounds of nature. A big and probably the biggest is CLEAN air, but distance from too many people brings me great calm that I find nowhere else. Communing with the dolphin and other wildlife in an intimate way enriches my soul like no other. When I got to thinking about the life on the road with my loving husband, Art, the reality really hit home. As I am writing this on the road to Long Island, NY, we are stuck in traffic with all the air pollution and angry people on the CB radio. While I am grateful to be away from Key West during Spring Break and enjoying seeing Spring in all her glory from the perspective of heights in the Great Smoky Mountains, my heart knows this is not my kind of quality living. I am hearing that even without the crash ahead, this is the reality every day from 5-7 PM here in Charlotte, North Carolina. I think I will stay on the Water thank you.

Some new thoughts have been presented to me by young minds. Why not become the teacher for several young spiritual ladies who see my Living Legacy as worth investing in? Having a spiritual connection to Mother Earth is a big part of my relationship with the dolphin and all the wildlife. This is so important for anyone thinking to apprentice with me, much less buy the business. Being a charter captain is easily done, the rest of the story is what I can empty of myself into another person who already has the "lights on and somebody is home"?
To be perfectly clear, I am saying that I am willing to be paid to pass on my legacy whether or not that person decides to buy my business. However that spiritual connection with Mother Earth is a pre-requisite for training. My love for teaching has reached a new level and I look forward to these wisdom years of passing on my knowledge.
The earth is busy flowering just as I am! I anticipate the turning of spring into summer as the fruit of my life grows and becomes ready for harvest by many or just one!
~ Captain turned Author ~
The Tomato Lady
fresh_tomatoes_basket.jpg Captain Vicki's Tomatoes Inc. came to life in 1982. Metamorphosis after my divorce in 1980 from my son Steven's father, Jeff Impallomeni. Bill Neece had come to Key West to sell tomatoes and I got sold on the seller. Looking back I realize I was on the rebound from my marriage of 12 years. It was sort of like a carnival came to town and this "ISLAND GIRL" got hooked up with the carnie man or traveling salesman/gypsy. So, I decided to become a trucker and sell tomatoes from Key West to Iowa and everywhere in between.

Fast forward to 1985 after many SEVERE life lessons. I re-incorporated as Captain Victoria's Enterprises Incorporated following my 3 years of being the Tomato Lady. Transporting vine ripened tomatoes to Burlington, Iowa in my own 6-wheel refrigerated straight truck while home/truck schooling Steven, who was my navigator, it was quite the adventure for both of us. Thank the dear Lord that Steven was born gifted because he got me through that roller coaster ride.

Every year we came home to charter for six months while continuing to sell produce to 84 restaurants in Key West. Bill handled the delivery while I was out on the boat. Working for my self has always been a high value of mine. Raising Steven as a single mom helped to bring out the entrepreneur in me. Once I had bought my own truck, I was locked into the produce business as the personal relationship between Bill and I moved into a strictly business one. Bill, as my partner with his own truck, was the brains behind the business and did the buying of the fields before they were planted or bought straight from the pickers. We made a lot of money with no middle man because we sold retail straight to the public out of stands beside the road. This is, after all, how I met Bill in Key West at his stand by the beach at the end of Bertha Street. Who doesn't love vine ripened tomatoes straight from the field?

Even though it was sometimes really hard, I always saw the good in Bill Neece. He was a great thinker and saw things coming way ahead of most folks, like the world of computers. Bill taught me many lessons about humanity as he was a student of Napoleon Hill, but the most important one was that Mental Illness is an illness. When he was properly diagnosed and treated with medicines that helped him to function normally, he gave back to all those that helped him regain his life. Including me.

There is a building in Key West dedicated to Bill Neece at the Florida Keys Outreach Coalition. When Bill became a millionaire he took care to tithe back in many ways. I am sharing this story of my past because I want to pay tribute to a great soul. Bill Neece was a man of many great humanitarian deeds before he left this planet, which he did on the night of the 15th of March. He was still a good friend.

It was an honor to go out to the dolphins the day after Bill left his Earth Suit behind. I had already planned an outing with some girlfriends of like mind to celebrate the completion of my 40 years of charter and it was Saint Patrick's Day! I took lots of flowers and feathers to symbolize Bill's SPIRIT taking flight. You can just imagine my glee when I saw a lone dolphin leaping way out on the horizon. It just kept leaping and leaping and I went straight to it. It continued to leap after we arrived and I put the flowers in the water immediately. There were probably 30 dolphin with this one that was leaping so joyously. I said to my girlfriends that I felt it was Bill saying "I am free, free at last"!

Upcoming retreats
Debra Kupchuk
Earth Day Crystals and Dolphins Retreat

Come join us for a special Full Moon, Earth Day Retreat on the water Friday, April 22nd, in Key West, Florida.
Join us for a Healing Crystals, Dancing Dolphin Retreat where we will use Earth Healing Gemstones to create ceremony for healing the Earth and ourselves.

This special trip will include time to create our own Crystal Mandalas and Intentional Energy Grids with gemstones we have brought with us, along with items we find in nature as we walk the beach. Debra will lead us on several crystal meditations to help us attune to crystals and stones and to hear the messages they have to offer us.

We will invite the dolphins to join us as we offer the pure sounds of the singing crystal bowls and welcome them with our gratitude, love and prayers, as they bless us with their joyful spirit.

This is a wonderful time of year to greet the new energies of Spring. Open to the renewal this time of year can offer us. The longer days allow more light both in our outer world as well as our inner world. Take some time for yourself, align your energies, with the deepest parts of yourself and send healing to Mother Earth.
Come experience the healing vibrations of the Dolphin and Crystals as you awaken to your truest self.
Healing Crystals & Dancing Dolphin retreats combine the vibrational energy of crystals & gemstones with the magical interactions of wild dolphin. When was the last time you were out on the water? Treat yourself to a day of personal healing and BLISS! For more info and to register please call Debra at 305-872-4750 to reserve your spot today. Limited to 6 people. 9am- 4pm.  Read more here

Mermaids and Dolphin Retreat with Captain Victoria and her mermaid tail    
April 30th - May 1st    ~ 2days 9AM-4PM
June 4th and 5th ~ 2 days 9AM-4 PM with New Moon Ceremony on Saturday night.

Energize your Purpose with Missy Ostrishko
When I shared my story above about my shift and alignment with my business, it is with these tools I learned from Missy to realign with the Master Plan. Through my quiet time connecting and energizing my purpose, I can more clearly work towards my goals and dreams. Come join us on this adventure within to uncover and ignite and energize your purpose! Here are two opportunities at this retreat. June 17, 18, and 19 and September 30, October 1 and 2. This is one retreat I highly recommend you put on your list this year! To register please call 919-219-2666.
Retreat Registration
All of these wonderful retreats are yours for the taking! There is nothing that lasts longer than experiences and memories, except for love! Treat yourself or a loved one to a fantastic journey by registering here for any of these retreats or to book a personal retreat with the Seapriestess today!
My lifelong playground
Key West for Children of All Ages:
 I thought you all might like to know about some of my favorite things to do in and around Key West so I am sharing them, hope you like them. Please share your favorite excursions with me if you would and maybe some pictures too, I might learn something new from you!
Here is what's happening...
Click the icon for their March newsletter and their latest blog post is so full of information,  I just had to share the good news and progress made on the FL Clean Water Declaration and what Reef Relief has accomplished!  

Coral Camp
Registration is starting soon. Stay in contact with Reef Relief and don't miss this incredible learning and connecting opportunity for your 6-12 year old. Coral Camp is a week of engagement for your child to grow into an adult who cherishes our ocean and inhabitants. Each day is packed with fun field trips and hands-on learning to deepen their experience. This camp is not to be missed and easy to incorporate into your summer travel plans.
Here is a link to the video they  put together of some coral campers.