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  Spring Equinox 2015
Hello from the sunny South!

You simply must check out this great video that was just created and aired in Finland and Sweden. The Tourist Development Council of the Florida Keys asked me to take this wonderful filmmaker, Olli Kangas, out to the dolphin and this is what transpired!!!! 

The Florida Keys Dolphin by Olli Kangas
The Florida Keys Dolphin by Olli Kangas
There will be a video posted soon on my Facebook page with the English portion audible. I do hope you will click this link and watch it again!

Now for the NEWS FLASH!.......ALL HANDS ON DECK!......Great News!!!......


The Living Legacy-Imp II


Dancing Dolphin Spirits Charters is EVOLVING not devolving.


I am still aboard for the long haul of evolving with this wonderful life experience and have had a serious overture from a fellow captain to turn Dancing Dolphin Spirits Charters into a NON-PROFIT organization. Yes, you heard me right, my business could be transitioning into a new form and would allow me to always remain a part of it! That is so cool, don't you think?


The mission statement is in the ethers at the moment and I look to you, my supporters, to help bring it into form. We are in the process of negotiating this transition and it feels somewhat nebulous at this time, but we continue to discuss, open and make room for the changes to come into focus. Right now, we are concentrating on creating the mission statement and will then go for our official 501c3 status. Our desire is to create a non-profit for underprivileged youth in South Florida to come aboard and learn about the sea. Of course, I will still be aboard the Imp II, training the new captain(s), but more importantly, still co-creating with the dolphin and Mother Earth for your magical experiences.

 Teaching marine science has always been a favorite part of my day on the water with all of you, not just the dolphin. To pass the talking stick to a new captain is of paramount importance to this transition as well. Sharing my knowledge and experiences is a gift to me and the new captain. I will be on the Board of Directors of the non-profit and will continue to "steer the ship". This is most exciting for me and will be a true dream come true. My labor of love that has developed, with your help, for 39 years will live on and flourish for generations to come.  By the time of the Summer Solstice, there will be great development towards this goal and I look forward to sharing my transformation with you.           

Specialty Retreats of 2015
Dolphins and Crystals, Dolphin Discovery, Re-Energizing your Purpose and More!!
Photo by Sandy Abbey


While the transition occurs in the background, I am deeply engaged in creating more specialty retreats for this year. There is a one-day retreat coming up on April 13th with Debra Kupchok. 


Debra Kupchok 


This will be our 6th Crystals and Dolphins one-day retreat. I am giving a whole day for the half-day price, so it is extra special. Here is the info for that retreat:

Healing Crystals & Dancing Dolphin Retreat combines the vibrational energy of crystals & gemstones with the magical interactions of wild dolphin.This special trip will include time to create our own Crystal Mandalas and Intentional Energy Grids with gemstones we have brought with us, along with items we find in nature as we walk the beach. 

Debra will lead us on a crystal meditation to help us attune to crystals and stones and to hear the messages they have to offer us.

We will have time to journey inward, moving towards personal healing, relaxation, bliss and most certainly a deep sense of well being.

We leave promptly at 9 am and return at 4 pm for a full day of fun, healing and sharing.


For more information on Debra and her beautiful healing gemstones and jewelry click here:

Spirals of Light


June 19th-21st: Dolphin Discovery-A Summer Solstice Retreat with Missy Ostrishko 

In this retreat, you will learn more about yourself, as well as the dolphin. Last year in October I did this retreat with Missy and stated that I was ENERGIZING MY PURPOSE to sell my business .....See what happens when you focus on things!!!! 

Missy is a keynote speaker and life coach whose presence is grounding and purposeful. Knowing her has changed my life and I am excited to share this connection with you! 


Captain Victoria and Gail "Missy" Ostrishko
We will begin with a Fire Ceremony and welcoming on Thursday evening, followed by two full days on the Imp II re-calibrating and igniting our intuition, while redefining our purpose and co-creating our life's journey with the dolphins help of course!

Dolphin Discovery 

September 20th-22nd-  Women's Dolphin Beach Retreat with Susan Wolf and Captain Victoria
Join us for a healing and spiritual experience of connecting to the powerful feminine energies of Grandmother Moon, Grandmother Ocean and the Earth Mother through rituals from an ancient Shamanic Tradition.  Susan Wolf Star brings over 20 years of study and teaching from a Shamanic lineage that can be traced back over 10,000 years.  
Susan Wolf and the moon
She was honored to be a recipient of many empowering teachings for women from this lineage by her teacher, Black Bear, a Cherokee Shaman.  We will be doing ceremonies and rituals to help us connect in a deep spiritual way to the feminine and to create healing in ourselves.  We will honor and pray to our dolphin relations to ask for their blessings and to see what we may do to help them. 

Please check this link for more information:

October 2nd-4th

Dolphin Discovery-Ignite your Intuition with Gail Ostrishko


Treat yourself to an amazing engaging adventure custom designed to support you in crafting a conscious vision and action plan for achieving the life you desire and deserve. This beautiful retreat, which begins with a fire ceremony and culminates in two incredible days on the Imp II, is sure to dance your water spirit awake. When we get into Mother Nature's groove, we learn how to uncover our potential, align with our Highest, and live with purpose. Join us to ignite your passion!


Gail "Missy" Ostrishko

Gail coins herself as a creative catalyst and insight illuminator. She is a dynamic keynote speaker and life coach who can help you bring into focus what you want and where you want to steer your life....just like I did last year, with the help of the dolphin. She is committed to unearthing the infinite intuitive wisdom of others through unique experiences and her ability to encourage and inspire is unparalleled.


For more info:


Retreat Registration
All of these wonderful retreats are yours for the taking! There is nothing that lasts longer than experiences and memories, except for love! Treat yourself or a loved one to a fantastic journey by registering here for any of these retreats or to book a personal retreat with the Seapriestess today!

Key West ariel
My lifelong playground
Key West for Children of All Ages:
I thought you all might like to know some of my favorite things to do in and around Key West so I am sharing them, hope you like them. Please share your favorite haunts, pun intended, with me if you would and maybe some pictures too, I might learn something new from you!
Reef Relief Update
  Coral Campers! Are you ready to explore?


Coral Camp 2015
Coral Camp 2015

Coral Camp 2015 registration now open! When school lets out, Coral Camp begins. Youngsters 6 -12 years of age explore and learn about our surrounding marine environment through exciting education activities at the Reef Relief Environmental Center in Key West. Each fun-packed day, campers will experience hands-on learning, interactive games and daily field trips.  Space is limited.

For more information:

Coral Camp 2015

Coral Campers from our K-8 Program

We are still a driving force in the Floridian's Clean Water Campaign. Please take a moment to sign the petition and join our efforts in protecting the Everglades, the reef and Florida's water systems. 

Floridian's Clean Water Declaration 


Looking for a unique gift idea? How about a donation in the name of someone you love or perhaps your own membership to Reef Relief?  Click this icon to learn more about Reef Relief. By making a donation, you are making a difference in our ecosystem and the lives of many for generations to come!
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