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   Spring Equinox 2017
Work AND Play
Hello Dolfriends!
Yesterday Raggedy, the dolphin that many of you have met over the years, appeared again after a long absence. As you know, losing track of time is so easy down here. Lo and behold he showed up with quite a large contingent of "the guys" and a few gals. Maybe 20 or so and they were all very glad to dance with the boat to some tummy rubbing blues, as their activity was obviously perfect for that kind of music. Surfing the wake was also on their agenda which was so fun to watch. Preceding that the playground was filled with mama's and babies who were no where to be seen with that group of elders around.
It is so fascinating to see how the socializing transpires! Three babies were born this winter. The last 4 months of cavorting has been a true joy to behold as the babies got to know me and the boat. They belong to Razor, Paddle and Hatchet who you may remember too!

This job of mine...It definitely doesn't feel like work to me and I love that my work is play, my Daddy taught me that well. To find the play in all that I do.
Captain Turned Author
The Bridle Path on A1A
I was reminded of a childhood story as I was driving down South Roosevelt Blvd known as A1A. My Dad, a kid in a big body, thought up great ways to make "work" aka chores fun. There is a "Bridle Path" ( named as such since this was a place to ride horses long ago) out on the south side of the Key West. It is two rows of coconut palms planted after WWI by the Veterans in a Make-work project called the WPA, so those trees are pretty old. Many of my baby pictures have them in the background.
Art and I were sitting on the sea wall watching the sunset and I strolled across A1A and snapped a few pics, as fond memories swirled in my mind. I was remembering when Daddy had all 4 of us children help him soap down the station wagon, a Woody, at home and when rinsing it promised a trip to the beach. Of course, there was always more to it than that. When we parked the car in the shade of the Bridle Path palms across from the beach, he taught us his version of the Art of the "Wax on Wax off" routine. He let us draw things all over the car with the wax and fill in the spaces like we were painting the car, and I just loved that part. Then we "waxed off" and the 5 of us made great time at that. Polishing done, the rest of the day was playing in the sea across the street!
Sometimes, Daddy would have us scurry under the palms collecting  bottles for his home-brew while Mom and little Sis back home built a fire for water to sterilize them. The three of us older kids had loads of fun riding on the hood of the car as Dad drove very slow while we were on the lookout. We'd jump off the side and run for the brown and clear glass quart bottles and put them in the tailgate of our Woody where Dad had two big wash tubs waiting for our deposits.
Running along looking in the bushes and jumping back on the hood was such fun, and as a well trained team, we made pretty quick work of filling the tubs.
Back home, we made quite the production line to clean the bottles we found. We put a rag on a coat hanger and set about scrubbing the insides. After inspection they went into boiling water. When the brew was finished there would be another production line, as we got to do the bottling too! But no tasting come to think of it. Phooey!
Living where I grew up holds special times for me to reflect back on the lessons of one of my best teachers, my Daddy. These childhood memories speak to me and still remind me to turn my work in to play and the Dolphin sure help with that!
Upcoming retreats

Capt. Victoria laying under the crystals and sea treasure mandala
Crystals and Dolphin Retreat
Earth Day Celebration
April 22, 2017
with Debra Kupchok and Captain Victoria

Join us for a Healing Crystals, Dancing Dolphin Retreat where we will use Earth Healing Gemstones to create ceremony for Healing the Earth and ourselves.

This special trip will include time to create our own Crystal Mandalas and Intentional Energy Grids with gemstones we have brought with us, along with items we find in nature as we walk the beach. Debra will lead us on several crystal meditations to help us attune to crystals and stones and to hear the messages they have to offer us. Take some time for yourself, align your energies, with the deepest parts of yourself and send healing to Mother Earth.

Come experience the healing vibrations of the Dolphin and Crystals as you awaken to your truest self.

Call Debra  305-872-4750 to reserve your space today!
Limited to 6 people.
Groovy Gals Getaway
April 28-30, 2017
with Laurie Winn and Captain Victoria
Laurie Winn and Capt. Victoria

This interactive workshop will take you on a journey through elemental rhythms and connect you to nature and your innate self. Rhythmic therapies can reach primal parts of the brain that regulate the stress response and assist in realigning our natural rhythms, so that we can gain a sense of control over emotions and reduce anxiety.
 This RHYTHM REBOOT details a wide range of exercises that can be used both to assist you in expressing feelings, as well as examine different aspects of emotional expression and how they impact our relationships with others, giving a new sense of belonging.

Click here to learn more and register. Space is limited.
Retreats and Private Charters

Are you ready to create your own retreat or ideal boat day? Contact the Captain to dream awake your next adventure, healing session, or group/private retreat.

Reef Relief Update
As President Emeritus of Reef Relief, I so want to share my gratitude for our Director, Mil McCleary. He has been at the helm of our wonderful ship of education and advocacy for 9 years now and going strong. Through his stewardship and infectious passion for our coral reefs and ecosystems, Mil has helped to grow the outreach and education programs, which are the backbone of Reef Relief. The Key West community has seen our Coral Camp offerings grow from filling all the
Coral Campers exploring the reef they are learning to protect
weeks of summer vacation to spilling into Spring Break too.
We thank you Mil for your dedication and determination to make Reef Relief a household name in our Florida Keys community and applaud your successes as our Director. Thank you for all your hard     work!