"Spring is Nature's way of saying, 'Let's Party!'" ~Robin Williams
Dinning Out
Friday, March 13, 6pm at Garland City Beer Works in Watertown

Sunday Funday Breakfast
Sunday, March 22, 10am at the Lakeside on State Route 3 in Pulaski
(across from Selkirk Shores State Park)
2020 Overnight Trip: Kitzhof Inn in Dover, VT July 17-19
We've got enough people to qualify for the group room rate, and there's still room!!

Get more info about the trip, visit our Events Page for the complete low-down.

And, if you'd like to sign-up, contact Dawn (dawnfxchd@yahoo.com, call 315-583-6177, or on the WhatsApp).

And, if you're already going, we've got our own WhatsApp group. To join that see below.
Spring Open House at FXCHD
FXCHD's Spring Open House will be on Saturday, April 18th from 10am till 4pm.

Once again the dealership will be having FREE Hotdogs & Hamburgers for the public -and as a way to introduce ourselves so everyone has a chance to get to know us. The dealership will provide the supplies, and the chapter will have a 'donation' jar on the table. We're looking for 5 volunteers to cook and man the table. Want to help grill our chapter to greatness? To Volunteer email Jodi or Dawn .

Our Chapter will also be having a Bake Sale the same day, so put your baking hats on!! Or you can buy your delicious delectables and donate them -which ever is easiest.

Those 5 who volunteer to grill and members who bake or buy for the Bake Sale will receive 200 HOG Rider Rewards points that you can later redeem and use at the cash register (see below).
Season Opener in May
Not to be confused with our Spring Open House in April! That's because the MoCo will be advertising the open houses for dealerships in general, but the weather really starts to improve in May... that's why we have the two events.

The Season Opener is a little bit bigger with vendors, food trucks, and this year we'll be having a ride in bike show. We're still looking for volunteers to help organize all this -please email Clint & Nancy if you'd like to lend a hand.
5 Ways You Can Ruin Your Bike
Inside H-D: All Day Experience at the Museum
Of course when you're a H.O.G.® Member, your visit to the H-D Museum is FREE. And, because you're a H.O.G. Member is why you're hearing about this spectacular group tour that they're calling The Inside H-D: All Day Experience. Here's the scoop:
  • an all-day tour from 9am till 5pm
  • you'll get a Behind-the-Scene's Tour that includes a visit to the Motorcycle Storage area with the archives staff
  • AND you'll get a limo bus ride over to the corporate HQ on Juneau Ave. -there you'll meet H-D employees from General Merchandise, HD University, the Call Center and HOG (Juneau Ave. location isn't a building you can just go tour! You need to know someone to get in & now you do!!)
  • exclusive shopping at the Employee Store at Juneau Ave -again, not open to the general public! You'll also get a 10% discount at the museum shop
  • you'll get two meals: lunch & happy hour
Special H.O.G. price is $125 each (any non-HOG guests are $145) and is offered Monday through Friday from May to October. If you're interested contact Judith Hooks: 414-287-2800 or judith.hooks@harley-davidson.com
Upcoming Events:

  • March 13, 6pm: Dinning Out at Garland City Beer Works in Watertown
  • March 17: St. Patrick's Day AND the last day for the "Lucky You Sale"
  • March 22, 10am: Sunday Funday Breakfast at The Lakeside in Pulaski (across from Selkirk Shores State Park)
  • March 28, 11am: Let's Connect Workshop -HOG Thunder Rewards Members will get 50 points for attending
  • April 4, 10am: FX Thunder H.O.G.® Monthly Get Together at FXCHD
  • April 18: FXCHD's Spring Open House
Do you have an idea to grow our membership, for an activity or party? You can let Dawn know- email address: DawnFXCHD@yahoo.com
How to Redeem Your Rider Rewards™
Follow the 'how to' pictures below so you can redeem and then print your 'Rider Buck' to use at the cash register. Keep in mind they will expire, and once that happens they cannot be redeemed nor will the points go back on your account.

No printer at home? No worries! Just tell us you'd like to redeem your points and we'll do it for you.

Did you redeem points but didn't mean to? As long as they haven't expired, then tell Dawn (315-583-6177) she can put them back for you and cancel your coupon. Same with any coupon that's been lost or stolen - just let us know and we'll make sure no one else will use it.
Interact with other members easily with WhatsApp
If you’d like to join the group, all you need to do is:
  • Go to your smart phone’s app store and search “Whats App Messaging” (look for their green phone logo) and install.
  • Once installed, open and start a chat with Dawn/Irish FXCHD (315-405-7939) -you might have to add her as a contact in your phone.
  • In the chat, let her know your name and that you’d like to join the NNY H.O.G. Group.
  • You’ll see it once she’s added you, and then you’ll be able to reach everybody in just one text, pic, link or whatever else you’d like to share
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