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Children across North Carolina recently returned to their daily educational activities after having a long-awaited spring break! Edwards Electronic Systems is proud (and thankful!) to have the opportunity to provide safety, security, and peace of mind to parents and educators as they encourage thousands of children to pursue curricular studies in safe learning environments. EES continues to install and service fire alarm systems, CCTV, access control, and more throughout all of North Carolina. Furthermore, many individuals can rest assured knowing that the same NICET Certified electronic system that protects children at school also protect them while they are at work! In addition to the educational facilities, we serve commercial businesses such as Crabtree Valley Mall, government facilities such as Pope Air Force Base, industrial markets such as Smithfield Foods, and medical facilities like  Kindred Hospital. The  services and products we offer allows us be very flexible in accommodating the various needs and desires of North and South Carolina's local facilities! Study hard and work diligently as we do the same to provide you with the best life-safety and security products and service in the industry! 

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Within recent years it has been discovered by the general public that real time video chat existed within military communications back in the 1980s. It wasn't until the late nineties that this unique privilege became available to the public, though at quite a steep financial price! As we all know, webinars have become a very popular form of personal and professional interaction all across the world. The idea of webinars introduced an asset to the market of free enterprise as business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs have taken advantage of its ability to communicate to individuals in real time. EES has decided to provide a free informational webinar to our customers and future clients that will be beneficial to them. Our main goal is to provide an array of webinars that will directly assist other business owners, managers, and employees in their particular industry. As we are working out all the specifics, we wanted to give our followers a quick heads-up as we will be sending out invitations to these webinars within the coming weeks! I want to personally encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity as the employees of Edwards Electronics Systems are working diligently to prepare professional, well-designed, and valuable webinars that will be beneficial to you and your employees! We are very excited about this endeavor and hope that it will help support business-to-business sourcing and strengthen commerce transactions across all of North Carolina!


Michael Edwards, President and CEO
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