Another Successful Spring Fling
Our 31st annual CPS Spring Fling was another success with over 1,200 of the very best and brightest industry professionals gathered to show and learn about the latest in industry innovations.
HLSG's John DeRosa breaks down why potential customers experience apprehension when asked for the sale. Understanding the "it" that prospects need to consider will help sales people have a proper response that will set you up for success.
Finding Out What the "It" Is
Ever prepared the perfect presentation to a prospect only to be told "We'll Need to Think About It" ? Understanding why your prospects have this reaction is key to dealing with it. John DeRosa breaks down how to productively understand and react to this concern from your prospects.
Sustainability: Is it Right for Your Landscaping Business?
Did you know that 75% of consumers are more likely to buy a service if the company is making an effort to be environmentally sustainable? Going "Green" is picking up more demand, but is it right for your business? Check out this helpful risk vs. reward article from Unilock .
You Don't Want to Miss the Wyoming Cowboy Kickoff!
The Cowboy Kickoff is the perfect time to prepare for the season and meet with industry experts, order products at season-low prices, and train your team for FREE.
NALP Launches Govt. Funded Apprenticeship Program
The NALP has launched an apprenticeship program that offers job seekers a path to a new career in the industry through a paid apprenticeship with a professional landscape company.
Rain Bird Special Offer Going on NOW THROUGH APRIL 30th!
Purchase 10 or more 5000 Series Rain Bird Rotors to receive a Rain Bird Clipboard at point of sale.
While supplies last. Available at all CPS branch locations. Stay tuned for more giveaways all season long!
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You Asked, We've Listened! Registration is Now Open for 4 Different Outdoor Living Hands-On Training Sessions
Denver Residence | Job Site

Registration is now open for 4 different hands on sessions to train up your team on building Water Features, installing Turf, designing and installing Landscape Lighting and a Bull Grill Island. Training sessions take place at an actual job site. Bring your gloves and other PPE to participate while you learn.