Project Spotligh t - Backyard Master Plan
Located in a quiet neighborhood near Clarksville, MD is a family who was looking for a backyard transformation that would allow their friends and family to enjoy the outdoors throughout the year.

Once the master design plan was complete, we were well underway with what will soon be an incredible outdoor living space.

The centerpiece will be a 1,000 sq. ft. swimming pool and pool deck, which is made with almost 2,000 sq ft. of Travertina-colored Nikolock Stoneridge pavers. A 100 ft. segmental retaining wall will bring it all together, as well as a Florida bronze-colored fence to enclose the area.

An updated drainage system is also being installed, as well as complimenting landscaping and site restoration throughout.

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Keeping Weeds Out of Your Garden
Weeds are seemingly everywhere, especially at the start of the season. Some homeowners go the DIY route, while others prefer to hire a professional lawn care or landscaping company.

“Your Spruce Tree is Dead”
Spruces trees can be found all throughout the Maryland region. They are widely known for their vibrant color and ability to provide an incredible natural barrier.

However, there has been an increase in fungal diseases among spruce trees. From weather, needle casting disease, and other environmental factors, there are many reasons why this may happen.

If you are interested in any hardscaping projects, such as patios, walkways, or retaining walls, now is a great time to begin those discussions and learn more as our calendar only has a few dates still available.

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Spring is an important time for landscapes – plants and trees are preparing to come alive and many beds need to be replenished and nourished.

Spring cleanups include deadheading flowers, pruning trees and shrubs, fertilizing, and applying fresh mulch. During this initial clean up phase, Rhine landscaping experts can address potential problems, providing a beautiful and functional outdoor living space for the duration of the warm weather months.

L ocal Small Business Spotlight
Floyd’s Crossroads Pub is family owned and operated, and opening day was April 22, 2014.

Our Uncle Bill and Aunt Kathy previously purchased the pub in 1998. They had the foresight to convert the pub into this quaint restaurant specializing in steamed crabs, shrimp, and crab cakes that make you want to come back for more.
While the menu has expanded over the years, offering appetizers, salads, shrimp, steaks, and more, the recipes Uncle Bill and Aunt Kathy created are still being used today.
If you haven’t tried one of our crab cakes, you’re missing out on a Maryland tradition.

L earn more at
Jay's Sons, Jack (10), Preston (8)
"My family and I have been going to Floyd's for about 15 years, and they do a great job. One of our Rhine Teams even constructed the masonry and landscaping. As the spring seasons rolls on and summer nears, be sure to check out Floyd's and enjoy a traditional Maryland summertime food!" - Jay
Jay + Matt Rhine
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