March 11 clocks spring forward one hour.
Daylight Savings this Weekend
Spring Forward One Hour!!
This Sunday March 11 - Last in our Series of Anglican & Episcopal Spiritual Writers - Dorothy Sayers
Who cares about a female author from the last century?
Read this excerpt, and then come hear Peter Marshall tell you much more about her.

Christ, in His Divine innocence, said to the Woman of Samaria, "Ye worship ye know not what" being apparently under the impression that it might be desirable, on the whole, to know what one was worshiping.

He thus showed Himself sadly out of touch with the twentieth-century mind, for the cry today is: "Away with .. dogma - let us have the simple spirit of worship; no matter of what!" The only drawback to this demand for a generalized and undirected worship is the practical difficulty of arousing any sort of enthusiasm for the worship of nothing in particular. (Creed or Chaos?, 19)
‘Religious’, to her, certainly doesn’t mean dull or sentimental, and is even more relevant to us today in this largely post-Christian world.
Lenten Suppers Continue next Wednesday - What’s in Your Spiritual Toolbox? This week - tools for life...
Wednesdays—March 14 & 21.
Supper starts 6pm, program 7pm, finish 8pm.
$7.50 ($20 per family), with salad or other vegetarian option.
What is God building in you, and through you? Do you have the right tools handy? Come hear Hank Gatlin and Paula+, present tools for life—simplicity, solitude, submission and service —and come add to, or collect, your personal spiritual toolbox - free for everyone who attends!.
Next Sunday—March 18
"Understanding the Stabat Mater" 
Sunday, March 18, 11:30-12:30pm Board Room
Jeannie Cobb will give a preview of the dramatic Stabat Mater that the choir will present on Sunday, March 25 at 4:00. Come learn about the composer, the texts he uses, and the art presentation that helps bring it all to life.
Dedicate a Gift to Someone You Love
Altar Flowers and Easter Music
At Easter we join with many members of our wider community, family and friends, to celebrate the joy of our Christian faith.
Use the forms here to dedicate part of our festivities to remember, honor, or give thanks for someone or something special in your life.
Baptism at the Great Vigil of Easter
The next special opportunity for the Sacrament of Baptism is the night of The Great Vigil,  7:30pm , in our chapel,  March 31 .  Please inquire of Paula+ or Peter+ if you or a family member would like Holy Baptism, the full initiation into Christ’s Body the Church, by water and the Holy Spirit, welcomed into our parish family of God!
Sacrament of Reconciliation
The Sacramental Rite of Reconciliation is available this Lent by appointment with Paula+ or Peter+. It is about letting a heavy burden off your soul. Check out pp. 447 onward in  The Book of Common Prayer .
The labyrinth is now available for your use in contemplation throughout the remainder of Lent.
Designs for Dining
There are still a few items left from our silent auction.
  • CMS Design Portraiture in Palos Verdes Estates; Gift certificate for Portrait of Child/Children; Photo Restoration Certificate
  • Hand-Knit Scarf—Argentinian Wool
  • Fondue Set
If interested, contact Cheryl Gutierrez , Robin Pano or Mary Deley .
Coming Up!
Karl Jenkins' Stabat Mater
St Francis Choir and Orchestra Present 
Stabat Mater”  By Karl Jenkins, Sun, March 25, 4:00pm
Written by contemporary Welsh composer Karl Jenkins, the beautiful and dramatic  Stabat Mater brings us to the foot of the cross to stand with Mary, mother of Jesus. Jenkins uses the traditional 500-year-old text of the Stabat Mater (in Latin) along with other texts in English, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. Texts on a screen above the choir, plus artwork, will bring the words to life. Presented as part of our Holy Week journey because it so vividly brings into focus the sacrifice of Jesus, and the adoration of all who love him. There is no admission fee. A free-will offering will be received to offset the cost of this program.
Holy Week and Easter
Sun, Mar 25 Palm Sunday
10am ONE service only
4:00pm St Francis Choir and Orchestra present Karl Jenkins’ Stabat Mater
Tues, Mar 27 Holy Week Taizé —7:00pm, Chapel
Thurs, Mar 29 Maundy Thursday —7:00pm. The Parish Hall becomes the Upper Room. A simple supper plus short service includes footwashing, Eucharist, and dramatic readings of Jesus' last evening with the disciples.
Fri, Mar 30 Good Friday
12:00 noon—Stations of the Cross
7:00pm—Service of Light to Darkness, and anointing with Holy Oil.
Sat, Mar 31 The Great Easter Vigil —7:30pm  
Considered by many to be the most important service of the year, the Easter candle is lit from the first fire of Easter.
Sun, Apr 1—Easter Day —8am and 10am worship, with Easter Egg Hunt following 10am.
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