Stay engaged with your colleges. 

Engage with your colleges especially if you haven’t received an admission decision yet, were deferred, or waitlisted. If you are admitted, notice the things college is communicating. Do these things resonate with you and make you feel like you belong there? This will help with your decision making. 

Feeling all the feels? You’re not alone!

In a letter to her peers, one of our seniors shares encouragement and insight into her experience applying to and waiting for decisions from selective colleges with so many unknown factors. Read more about Meah’s journey and how to battle off the unsolicited advice from aunts and uncles here.

What’s up with “Honors Colleges?” 

Whether you’ve been invited to apply, selected to attend, or are researching academic programs to apply, an Honors College certainly has its benefits and drawbacks. Read more about the pros and cons of Honors College.