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We at Harbor Children's Therapy hope that your spring is off to a great start and that your Spring Break is full of fun and relaxation.
Below you'll find announcements and articles relevant to the clinic and this time of the year. Happy reading!
  Tips for a Stress-Free Easter with SPD Kids


Easter is another holiday that causes anxiety for us. Most holidays do because of the unpredictability and lack of routine that each and every holiday brings.

Last year our Easter didn't go so well, and by the time we found our baskets, Gabriel was having an anger-meltdown. He was so anxious about finding eggs, yet protecting his new found goodies at the same time, that I ended up having to take the Easter Bunny treats away from all of them until we could all settle down. Which is just a bummer. And I'd like to avoid that this year.


Here are my tips for a reduced-stress Easter.......


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Outdoor Activities for Spring Time  


For a child with sensory processing disorder (SPD), the world can be a scary and overwhelming place. Simple activities like petting a cat, riding a bicycle or even just walking outside can produce uncomfortable and confusing feelings. Trampoline play can help a child improve sensory processes as well as help an SPD child work off the high energy she often has......


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15 Spring & Easter Activities for KidsChicken
Here are 15 ideas for keeping the kids
busy this Easter time, from sensory play
to art activities, planting gardens to
discovery eggs! Hopefully you will find something new to try. Enjoy!.......

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