May 2020
We Miss You!
In accordance with the Governor's "Safer at Home" order, we are closed at this time. We will continue to monitor this and evaluate as recommended by the government guidelines. We'll keep you updated.

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Raise the Roof Update
It has been a while since we reported the status to you on our “Raise the Roof” project.

As it was winter, there was little done after January; however, a problem arose with our HVAC system. The two furnaces that heated the theater ran erratically, burning out expensive circuit boards and motors.

Heating contractors were invited to troubleshoot and bid on a solution. What seemed to be the most practical solution was put forward by Frasier’s Plumbing & Heating.
Work commenced on March 16 and was completed in four days. Frasier’s bid was to replace all three furnaces and air conditioning units with a “twined furnace” with A/C and a humidifier for the theater and a single furnace A/C and humidifier for the gallery.

The “twined” units in effect communicate with each other so that when heat or A/C is demanded, both furnaces fire to bring the temperature to the desired setting. Once reached, the second unit shuts off and the other unit maintains the desired temperature. In addition, a humidifier adds a bit of moisture to the room to help make the audience feel more comfortable. This humidity control will allow us to run at a slightly lower temperate, saving money.
The gallery furnace will operate in the same manner, although the furnace has had a humidifier for many years.

The work is not complete since the A/C units are not yet hooked up; we are waiting for warmer weather to test the units.

One of the major differences in the operation of HVAC units in the theater is the addition of four wireless temperature sensors which connect to the central thermostat to help anticipate either the heating or A/C needs. The thermostat is also capable of being set remotely by smart phone.
On the construction side, the DeLeers group will be back in the next several weeks to assess the tightness of the roof as it has gone through our winter without the coating. There have been a few, minor leaks detected, which will be closed before the roof is coated. The coating of the roof is anticipated to occur in May when the weather is more favorable. Following the coating, DeLeer’s crews will be inside to repair the water damage that occurred over the past several years.

Thanks to your very generous donations, to date we have raised $160,184 and have covered the projected costs. However, we must raise $64,816 in additional funds to cover projected costs.

We are not sure of when we will be allowed to reopen. When we do, it will be in a facility that will function with greater energy efficiency.
Live Performances
Please note that in our current situation, we are rescheduling events when possible.

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