We have been thrilled to have her with us 4 years in January.

Thank you Jill for

all you do!


Hi, my name is Jill and I am the receptionist for the salon. I have been here for 4 years. Prior to working at Shear Perfection I worked for 26 years in the Medicare insurance field. This position allows me to keep busy and I learn something almost every day. I enjoy greeting clients and getting to know them. I love the atmosphere and working with the rest of the staff. We are a true team. I also have been a client at the salon for a number of years and my favorite product is Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner. It does wonders for my curls. In my spare time I like to read and go to my granddaughter’s school and sporting events. I have a 3 year old border collie labradoodle mix named Addie who is a great companion. In my younger years I ran track and tried out for the Jr. Olympic in Philadelphia when I was in elementary school.  

Most of the United States looks forward to spring with great anticipation. Warmer weather, sunshine, and lots of outdoor activities make everyone eager for the change.

Spring also means a change in how your hair reacts to weather. Having the right spring hair care tricks can ensure that your look transfers easily from winter to spring and beyond.

Expect More Growth!

Many experts believe that the increased amount of sunlight triggers your hair to grow more quickly. When your hair grows more quickly, it affects a lot of your spring hair care routines.

First, you have to make sure that if you color your hair, you keep an eye on how quickly your roots are showing. You may need to color your hair more often starting in the spring as your hair grows.

Secondly, you may need more regular cuts. If your hair grows quickly anyway, the difference may not be extreme, but you may find that you need an extra hair appointment during the spring.

What’s you take

There are many natural ways you can encourage your hair to grow more quickly, including getting the right vitamins in your diet.

Use Spring Hair Care to Air Dry

In the winter, going out with wet hair can be both dangerous to your health and difficult on your professional image. As spring appears, however, you have an opportunity to allow your hair to dry more naturally.

If you can’t allow hair to air dry over time, then use your hair dryer further from your head. The heat will be more gentle, and your hair will benefit.

Drying your hair can cause damage, including breaking down the protective cuticles and leaving hair brittle. Of course, proper spring hair care means air drying your hair properly, not just letting it go on its own.

Get a Trim to Start Off Spring

The cold and dry air of winter takes a significant toll on your hair. Getting rid of split ends is a great way to start off your spring hair care.

You don’t have to get a major cut unless you want a new look – taking just a little bit off can get rid of dry split ends and make your hair feel as fresh as the new season.

Trims have a lot of benefits for your hair, improving the look and feel as well as reducing breakage, lessening flyaway strands, and making hair look thicker and shinier.


Enhance your massage experience by trying our NEW add on service: Heated Foot Treatment. 

Soothe achy feet, with heat, from steamed towels and toe stones that evenly spread apart toes giving a nice therapeutic stretch, followed by a foot massage.

Also our new Hot and Cold Stone Massage -  This full body specialty massage involves the use of both heated basalt river stones and chilled marble stones, with Swedish techniques. The stones are used to massage and can be placed along the body. This massage is great to refresh & revitalize by contrasting between temperatures, to bring the body back to homeostasis, while improving circulation and overall balance.


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