With so much uncertainty, we find the sprout of a seed brings hope and a sense of order to our lives. If you haven't already, we encourage you to begin a garden and engage your family in the process of growing food and enjoying nature's beauty and bounty. Not sure where to begin? Our Home Garden Resource Guide will get you started. With a donation in any amount , this digital resource is yours.

School gardens may be empty of students but they are full of gardening potential. We're growing vegetables and donating them to food banks (estimated 13,000 pounds this year!) to help meet the growing demand for fresh, local produce. So far, we've provided enough salad greens for a thousand families and we're just getting started. We're proud of our impact, but we do need community support to continue. If you find yourself in a position to give, you can help by donating to our Food For Families campaign. Read about our recent donations in the Broomfield Enterprise .

We don't know what the fall will bring, but we are committed to meeting the needs of our partner schools . If you are a principal or teacher with thoughts on how we can best do that, please email us . We are closely following the plans and direction from BVSD and will do our best to help with possible outdoor education.

Thank you and stay well,

Lisa Atallah, Executive Director 
and the Garden To Table Team
Lettuce Harvest is Underway!
Read about it in the Daily Camera .
As of May 22, we have harvested and donated 1,400 heads of lettuce (more than 500 pounds!) to Community Food Share and Boulder Food Rescue. We expect to double this by the end of the month.

We want to thank our Food For Families campaign supporters for making this possible. Together, you've raised $4,500 to keep our staff employed growing food for the community.

We are so grateful to our new partner, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers , who is providing volunteers to help with weeding and watering.
Leslie Norcross, our Volunteer/Garden Coordinator, harvested 65 pounds of lettuce at Emerald Elementary school garden.
Get access to this digital resource with a donation of any amount to our Food For Families campaign.
Home Gardening Resources
Created by our Garden Director, Laurel Smith, our Home Garden Resource Guide provides instructions and tips for growing the garden of your dreams. You'll benefit from our 13 years of experience in the school garden business as well as Laurel's 9 years of farming/gardening experience.

Gardening tasks for the end of May:
  • Add compost to garden beds.
  • Plant seeds of beets, carrots, peas, beans, corn, onions, spinach and squash.
  • Put seedlings of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant and squash into the ground.
  • Remove weeds when they are small and before the go to seed
Gardening Tip:
Once your seeds have germinated, be sure to put mulch around the seedlings. This will keep them from drying out between waterings.
Learning in the Garden
Gardens are ideal settings to develop curiosity and spark learning. Please follow us on Facebook where we are sharing tips and resources for engaging your family in gardening and nature-based experiences. Our Program Director, Lindsey LeCuyer created some lesson plans for parents and teachers.

Parents' Pick: Planting for Summer
This fun mapping activity gets your kids using their math skills to plan a garden bed that includes tomatoes, beans, corn, cucumbers and carrots.
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