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Wake up and smell the flowers
Spring has arrived, and we thank God for all the beauty it brings. We look forward to Easter and the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. We would also like to mention that enrollment is open for all programs offered at the preschool.
Preschool Two Day
A person's a person no matter how small - Dr. Seuss.  
Learning through play is what we do best in our toddler class. We started our month celebrating Dr. Seuss's 115th birthday in honor of "Read Across America." We read  The Cat In The Hat Red Fish Blue Fish One Fish Two Fish Mr. Brown Can Moo  and  I'm Not Going To Get Up Toda y. Our toddlers made their very own Cat In The Hat hat, turned red and blue hand prints into fish in a fish bowl, counted goldfish on our one fish two fish place-mats, and ate blue jello with red Swedish Fish. The students also wore red and blue on Red and Blue Day, came in with a crazy hairstyle on Wacky Hair Day, and adorned their favorite cozy pajamas on Pajama Day. 
Letters P, Q, and R were our letters of the month. We learned P makes a "Puh" sound as in penguin, Q makes a "Quh" sound as in queen, and R makes a "R" sound as in rainbow. Number 7, the shape oval, and the color blue were the number, shape and color of the month. The children learned to use two hands to make the number 7, using 5 fingers on one hand and two fingers on the other hand. Dancing around to our color blue song using our blue oval cutouts help us to recognize our color and shape of the month. For our review week, our toddlers went to the kitchen to play chef and make pizza. We assembled rockets and launched them in our classroom and channeled our inner artist and crated Q-tip art.  
During Chapel, Father Rick read  The Parable of the Lily  by Liz Curtis Higgs,  The World God Made  by Alyce Bergey, and  No, No Noah  by Dandi Daley. As we approached spring, Father Rick told us we should treasure the gifts God gives us, how God made the trees, the clouds and the flowers, but the most precious thing he made was us. Father Rick reminded us that God loves us, and he always keeps his promises.
We had a blast marching right on through the month of March and look forward to April showers that bring May flowers.  
Ms. Michele
Ms. Carole
Preschool Three Day
We began our month celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday with Read Across America. Reading a different book each day, the students completed projects and fun crafts around the theme of the book. The students dressed up in their wackiest clothes for Wacky Wednesday, came in with crazy hair styles, and wore their pajamas when we read the beloved "I’m not Going to Get up Today". Wonderfully timed, Read Across America helps to break up the ho-hum of winter as we wait for spring to arrive.

Focusing on the letters R, S and T in March, the students created a rabbit, seal and tractor for their letter crafts. During readiness and writing, the students traced the triangle, diamond, number 6 and 7, as well as the letters M, N, V, W and X.

Our friend Twiggle the Turtle puppet and his friends visited our class to help us learn more about feelings. We focused on making friends, sharing, and solving problems. The children learn how to calm down when they are upset so they can make a wise choice.

We discovered rhyming words during language and literacy. As we read Dr. Seuss’ books, we picked out the rhyming words, played games, and explored rhyming words with picture tiles.

In math, we sorted colored goldfish crackers onto a graph after we read Dr. Seuss’ "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish". We introduced the concept of subtraction by identifying how many objects are left after we take away one. We learned how to evenly share items between friends. Using Mix and Make Shapes, we explored different sized shapes and began to describe them using size, color, and shape terms.

We welcomed spring and the warmer weather. We completed a close reading on "The Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle. The students created many crafts - first a caterpillar, then cocoon, and finally a butterfly for our class bulletin board.

Miss Amanda
Miss Carole
Preschool Five Day
Spring arrived bringing the first sight of flowers popping through the ground, birds chirping, and small creatures running around looking for food. The students seem to be more energized knowing that springtime brings warm weather and outdoor time.

Vocabulary - We finished our chapter Play, and started the chapter - Social Behavior.
With the help of Squawker, the children learn the spelling, pronunciation, and definition of words.

Penmanship - The students used their Letters and Numbers for Me books to continue writing lowercase letters, words, and sentences.

Math: We finished our chapter on Geometry. Children identify and describe circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles using their Mix and Make Shapes. They also completed their I Know My Numbers #8 booklets.

Language and Literacy: We completed the chapter - Comprehension. Students learn to make connections between stories and retell a story with pictures. They generate a list of facts from an informational text and categorize information by topic. We started a new chapter - Writing - It's My Story. Students build vocabulary and learn to associate print with pictures and objects. Children share observations by drawing pictures and dictate labels by their pictures. They use their Line It Up Coloring Cards to prompt conversations about topics that lead to stories.

PATHS: The objectives of the lessons were to teach children that it is possible to have more than one friend. We read "Twiggle's Special Day" to explain the importance of letting other children join in play.

Chapel - We would like to thank Father Rick for the time he spends with the students on Wednesdays to read a bible story, sing our favorite songs, and pray with us.

March would not be a success without mentioning the two weeks we spent celebrating Dr. Seuss' 115th Birthday. Crazy clothes, wacky hair, making Oobleck, and reading lots of wonderful books. Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!!

We look forward to the Easter holiday, warmer weather, and the sights and sounds of spring.

Miss Ida
Miss Cindy

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April 6 Soup For Scholarship

April 11-12 Easter Egg Hunt

April 15 - April 22 Easter Break

April 21 Happy Easter

April 22 Earth Day

April 26 Arbor Day
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