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The INvisible Project

Photography and stories to illustrate the day-to-day struggles of real people living with chronic pain. 

The goal is to make visible the experiences and challenges that are oftentimes hidden, ignored or misunderstood.


U.S. Pain Foundation is excited to announce the launch of the 2015 INvisible Project this January!


We would like to acknowledge and thank our upcoming participants - Anthony Ameen, Casey Cashman, Emily Lemiska, Guy LoPresti, JP Summers, Lynne Popadak, Melanie Dickens, Michele Rice, Nick Duggan and Robert Foley - for being a part of this profound campaign.


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May 19, 2015
Spring has Sprung
May 2015
To My Fellow Pain Warriors and Friends:

Spring has been a busy time for U.S. Pain Foundation. As one of the 16 organizations participating in the process of the National Pain Strategy coming to fruition, it has been the forefront of our efforts to get our members involved and help provide information from patients with chronic pain. 


September's Pain Awareness Month is just around corner, meaning we have begun to prepare for our numerous awareness campaigns and events we spearhead each year. We are looking forward to YOU helping us further chronic pain awareness through our programs such as Beautify in Blue, pain proclamations and Macy's Shop For a Cause


As we want to have our members more involved in our awareness efforts this Fall, please feel free to contact us with any questions you have regarding our Pain Awareness Month's campaigns. We will continue to provide you information as September approaches. 


Thank you for being a part of our mission - to improve the lives of those living with pain by validating chronic medical conditions and educating others. You are all pain warriors, and U.S. Pain is here to help.


Wishing you all a low-pain and high-spirits day,

Paul Gileno

            Founder & President, U.S. Pain Foundation

U.S. Pain Foundation's National Pain Strategy Response Plan


With the release of the National Pain Strategy, the first comprehensive plan to address pain as a complex, chronic disease from a public health perspective, U.S. Pain Foundation acted swiftly to craft a response plan that would introduce the NPS to the general public. The organization worked to present the plan in a manner which allows anyone interested in advocating on behalf of the pain community to do so. 


An example of how U.S. Pain presented the NPS and involvement opportunities to the public was through the organizing of two conference calls, held in a town meeting format. The first call invited Pain Ambassadors only; the second call was open to anyone wishing to learn more about the National Pain Strategy.


The call outlined the general concept as to why the plan was created, why such a draft is needed and ways the U.S. Pain community could become involved to ensure the details outlined within the National Pain Strategy are implemented.  The organization's involvement with the Consumer Pain Advocacy Task Force (CPATF) was also introduced by Amy Goldstein, director of the State Pain Policy Advocacy Network.


Pain Ambassadors and conference call participants were given step-by-step plans as to how they could express support to government -- such as contacting the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and submitting reactions to the NIH. The first option, as presented during both Town Hall Meeting conference calls, would include thanking the HHS for the creation of such a plan and requesting that its members establish an oversight body. This would ensure the draft is executed to offer additional care for the pain community.


How YOU Can Join Our Efforts:

As provided to our call participants, we encourage each of you to utilize the sample letter found below in order to effectively contact the Department of Health and Human Services and request they take action. You can send this sample letter automatically online using THIS LINK


*Anyone who wishes to support U.S. Pain Foundation's NPS response plan is asked to provide some form of confirmation that you have participated in this initiative*. You can do this by forwarding your confirmation of the online system to Shaina Smith at: This is to collect data in terms of the number of participants as part of an incentive program for volunteers; it also allows the organization to share with our members how many have supported the National Pain Strategy draft.

The U.S. Pain Team again expresses its gratitude to those who joined in the conference call(s), submitted letters to the HHS or who will be joining us in our effort! 



A Celebration of Real-Life Heroes


U.S. Pain Foundation is proud to present our annual Gala Saturday, August 15 at the Parsippany Hilton in Parsippany, New Jersey. Entitled  Real Hope, Real Heroes: A celebration of real-life heroes , the evening recognizes ten inspiring individuals who participated  in this year's INvisible Project display. 

The INvisible Project is a campaign to create chronic pain awareness through the photographs and stories of people with chronic pain. The project focuses on Real People living with chronic pain through Real Photos that provide Real Hope!  


The proceeds from this event are used to fund the INvisible Project and our other programs at U.S. Pain Foundation. We look forward to celebrating with you.


For more information about the Gala, and how to register, simply click on the image below.




New Faces of U.S. Pain


As the need to provide support for pain warriors, their caregivers and healthcare providers grows, so does the U.S. Pain Foundation family! It is with great pleasure that we announce new team members with the passion to advocate for those who cannot speak. These extraordinary individuals will assist in the daily operations of the organization; carrying out our goal to connect, inform, empower and provide education and resources to eliminate the societal stigmas of chronic pain. Here are the New Faces of U.S. Pain:


Casey Cashman Executive Director

Casey's passion for serving others will shine through as she takes on the overall strategic and operational responsibilities for the organization's Directors, staff and programs. A participant for this year's INvisible Project, Casey has a deep knowledge within the area of chronic pain. She has already established a strong relationship with existing partner-organizations and will work to maintain, develop and support all the resources U.S. Pain has to offer.


Keith Voelker Director of Motivation and Development

A 32-year CRPS/RSD survivor, Keith comes to the Pain Ambassador Program with much excitement and enthusiasm. It is his intention to bring hope, worth and value to all who live with chronic pain. Keith will work to expand U.S. Pain's existing social media platforms while creating new content that generates increased activity and conversations. In addition to this task, Keith will be mentoring, motivating and supporting Pain Ambassadors across the nation.


Nikki Bevan & 
Jess Begley


Director of Events and Fundraising
When up-and-coming patient advocates Nikki and Jess heard of the need to increase our efforts in the area of event organizing and fundraising, both immediately agreed to assist the organization without hesitation. Both will manage events and its volunteers as well as coordinate details of U.S. Pain-related conferences, summits, annual gatherings and fundraising causes.



The U.S. Pain Foundation family understands what it is like to endure daily obstacles, stigmas and challenges while living with chronic pain. Each and every person affiliated with U.S. Pain is a survivor and warrior, and is here to offer support to the entire pain community.


Beautify in Blue is BACK!

Let's get ready to turn our towns and cities royal Blue! U.S. Pain is excited to announce and offer the second annual Beautify in Blue awareness campaign for 2015. This visual program highlights the bravery of those who live with invisible pain. By placing blue ribbons and signage in towns throughout the nation, communities will empower fellow pain warriors while recognizing the over 100 million Americans who live with chronic pain.


During September's Pain Awareness Month initiative, after gaining permission from the town, pain ambassadors and members will be tying royal blue-colored bows around trees, poles and signage; blue yard signs will also be placed on town property or designated locations. All materials will be bearing the U.S. Pain Foundation's logo and the program's name.


The purpose of this event is not only to raise awareness, but also to empower fellow pain survivors by visually showing that their community supports those with pain and its residents living with chronic pain. In the next few weeks we will be reaching out to our ambassadors with all the information you will need to participate in this phenomenal awareness campaign. Keep your eyes open and soon you will see things turning Blue!


Questions about this program? Want to get your town involved? 



Macy's Shop for a Cause to Benefit Pediatric Pain

Looking to champion for children who live with chronic pain? For the second year, U.S. Pain Foundation is teaming up with Macy's Shop for a Cause to offer our supporters savings! This year, monies raised will go towards funding new, pediatric pain programs.


How it works: U.S. Pain Supporters pay $5 for a coupon which will provide them with 25% off at Macy's registers on August 29th. 



To make purchasing your discount coupons more convenient, our Pay-Pal link will be available. U.S. Pain is thrilled to be participating in Macy's Shop for a Cause and will provide members with further information on this fundraising initiative in the coming weeks! 


Contact Sue at:


Art Exhibition:
Journey Through Pain

Bay Area Pain and Wellness Center is inviting you to an art exhibit. This exhibit will feature art done by patients with pain. 

Where: Twin Pines Art Center Manor House
10 Twin Pines Lane
Belmont, CA 94002

When: June 3-27
Opening Reception: Sunday, June 7, 2015
2-4 PM

We encourage all those in the Bay Area to come view inspiring, moving artwork! 



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Simply visit and choose U.S. Pain Foundation as the organization you wish to support. Then each time you make a purchase through AmazonSmile, Amazon will give to U.S. Pain in a form of a donation. It is that easy and there is NO COST to you!


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