Rocky Bay Equine Newsletter, April 2018
In the Pink, the Picture of Health

Gearing up for summer fun all starts with a healthy horse.

How do you know if your horse is healthy? You (or the animal’s consistent care giver) are the first and most qualified to begin answering this question. Simple observations are key; is your horse eating and drinking well, passing manure and urine that appears normal in consistency and amount, does he/she seem bright, alert and responsive in demeanor and does she move freely, without limping? If the answers are “yes” you can feel fairly confidant that your horse reflects a basic picture of health. If you also have your horse on a consistent vaccination and deworming program with regular dental evaluations, that level of confidence comes into better focus. Add in a stable home environment, consistent exercise and regular farriery, with no exposure to other animals that might be sick and the picture of health becomes sharper yet. 

Let’s face it, one thing or another can, and often does, interfere with the picture of health we want for our horses. By paying attention and attending to small issues that show up we can still keep the big picture in focus, maximizing our opportunity for a summer full of fun, horse centered activities. Now is a good time to review your immunization protocols, make sure deworming is on track and check teeth for sharp points or other problems. If you plan to travel or show it’s particularly important that you make a timeline for shots and for completing the pre-shipping paperwork required for your destinations. Each state or country has their own transport requirements and many horse shows also have mandatory vaccination guidelines. It pays to check ahead! Karol is happy to help you navigate the ever changing challenges of health certificates, passports and shipping papers. Give us a call, we're looking forward to helping you begin a picture perfect summer with all your animals!

Here are some additional links to topics that will help with your spring horse keeping.

note; this is an ever changing topic so check online or with Karol for 2018 information.

Lottie's Tip of the Month

Remember that early spring pastures are especially high in sugar and starch which can pose problems for some horses. Proper turnout management and monitoring body condition are important steps to keep your horse healthy. Click this link for turnout tips for safely pasturing your horses.
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