Spring 2016 Newsletter
LHS IB News & Updates
In this issue: Community Projects, Morrison Honored, Zoe's Scholarship and MYP teachers collaborate.
MYP Community Project Showcase
This Thrusday at 5:30pm, our MYP Freshmen will be sharing the exciting Community Projects they have completed this semester. Pictured to the right are Garrett and Vanessa, who along with several other MYP4 students are working with Mr. Kjolhede to grow starter vegetable plants, which will go on sale at the Showcase.

MYP4 Community Project Showcase Program
Mr. Morrison Honored
Greg Morrison, a beloved IB Math teacher at LHS, recently was awarded the TEF Secondary Teacher of the Year Award. He has been nominated every year by his students since 2009 and also won in 2012.

TEF Awards
MYP Teachers Collaboration Will Make a Powerful Final Unit
Mrs. Hemme and Mr. Reno have been collaborating throughout the year to connect Reno's MYP4 English classes with Hemme's MYP4 Civics & Geography classes to create interdisciplinary learning experiences. Their final unit of the year will be for students to select a global issue, research and read a book about it, to then present for a group of their peers.

Mr. Reno and Mrs. Hemme Collaborate
Zoe V. Awarded Scholarship for IB World Student Conference at DU
The IB World Student Conference is an annual event that connects IB learners from around the world. The theme this year is "Farm to Fork: the Ethics of food production" and will be at DU. Zoe, a MYP5 student, was honored to receive a scholarship to participate this July.

University of Denver IB WSC
Zoe V.
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