March news & updates
New Trips for 2020
Rolling routes through a Forever Wild State Park
Looking for the opposite of New York City? This mountainous region of the state is full of lakes and rivers, breezy country roads,and rustic inns and ice cream shops, all within the confines of the Adirondack Mountains Forest Preserve.
Stunning Vistas in the Green Mountains
By popular demand, we've added this first of its kind hiking tour through beautiful Vermont. Strategically planned for the midst of fall, the striking colors will make for an unforgettable hiking journey.
The ultimate in untraveled roads
From the days of the old 10 speeds, through the mountain bike craze to the gravel bike fad, we’ve always been exploring the back roads of Colorado. 
Now, in an attempt to avoid the pavement, we have designed a whole new hub tour around the quintessential western town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, for our new Gravel Rides Cycling Tour.
Big canyons, tall trees, sweeping vistas: California is calling
These twin national parks situated at the southern extremity of California’s Sierra Nevada Range exemplify the concept of diversity. Explore the magnitude of their geography on our newly designed hiking tour.
 Spectacular rides through the quieter Canadian Rockies
This regions’s lightly traveled roads create a perfect setting for cycling through the Rockies. Immersed in some of North America’s most breathtaking, jaw-dropping alpine majesty are quiet resort towns, wine producing valleys, hot springs and endless waterways.
A sensational tour above and below ground
Building on our cycling tour successes of the area, we created a new,moderate, hiking tour with a stay in the famous Crater Lake Lodge overlooking the deep blue lake. Then we move down to Oregon Caves National Monument where we take a cave tour and explore the trails above.