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Spring Into Golf!

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Just 21 days left to sign up for Spring programming! Many classes are at or near capacity, so reserve your spot while there's still time.

Spring Season features three age groupings among 17 available classes at 6 area facilities. We can't wait to see you again this year!


Registration is now open for Little ~ Big League: our new Adult-Junior League that works on your schedule. Play any course, any time and upload your score on our site.

The league regular season will run from April 1st to July 31st, with the playoffs and championship in August through October.

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First Tee Fundamentals: Target Selection

No matter what type of shot you are hitting, or how far you are hitting it, you should always select a target. Here are some quick tips for better target selection:

  • When hitting a tee shot, pick a small area in the fairway, rather than looking at the whole picture. "Aim small, miss small."
  • If you can't see your target, pick an object in the distance like a tree to aim for instead.
  • When chipping or pitching, select the spot you want your ball to land, and imagine how far it will roll out.
  • For breaking putts, aim for the highest part of the break and then focus on getting the speed right.

Using these methods will improve your target selection and lower you score over time.

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The Science of Golf: Energy in Collisions

First Tee Core Values: Respect

To show Respect is to be nice and kind in your actions. In golf, it is important to show Respect for yourself, the people you play with, and the golf course.

Ways to show Respect for Yourself:

  • Dress neatly
  • Always try your best
  • Keep a positive attitude

Ways to show Respect for Others:

  • Keep up your Pace of Play on the course
  • Remain still and quiet while others hit
  • Be a good sport whether you win or lose

Ways to show Respect for Your Surroundings:

  • Keep the course and practice areas clean
  • Take care of my and others' equipment
  • Be careful not to damage anything
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