Dear Soul Family,

On this auspicious day called Easter, I draw your attention to the beauty of renewal and rebirth. For months I have been calling this time in human history the grand galactic rebirth! As we are entering into the Age of Aquarius leaving the Piscean Age in which the masses were looking outside themselves for a savior, guru, and monarchy to save them, now is the time to allow your inner light to crack through your heart and shine out to the entire world, time for the inner Christ Light to shine through our hearts so our planet can ascend to the vibration of peace, love, and caring as One Global Family. Listen to teachers on YouTube, or get a wonderful inspirational spiritual growth book on audible, but add your unique insights to the teaching and share it with other souls on this blue planet. " We are the ones we been waiting for". No more time to hide in the shadows because you are scared, stand in your sacred truth, and let's join hands in raising the vibration on the planet to love. 

Below are some tools to help with raising our vibration such as yoga, sound healing, and breathwork out in the fresh air of the forest while vigorously walking. The yoga classes are complimentary for 1 week try with my long-time teacher Stuart Hill on zoom see the link below and sound healing sessions with Dante on a free app called Insight Timer, plus my Spiritual Coaching 1-hour complementary to see if we are a good match to work together for several sessions, see below.

The global pandemic of Racism has a holistic cure created by my friend Milagros Phillips who has been tackling this disease for many years and that had come to a head over the last year! She has put together a weekly zoom meeting Monday at noon, plus a new book about to be released " Cracking The Healing Code: A Prescription For Healing Racism & Finding Wholeness".  No one else has created a workshop that digs deep into the roots of systemic racism and unearths it from the core, going back centuries, and including the perpetrators as part of her holistic healing process. 
Being considered bi-racial in this lifetime I have decided to take her upcoming course to once and for all heal any open wounds that still may be festering from the hurt of racism I experienced as a young person, which were triggered but some of the event last year. 

Overall I am very optimistic that the Rainbow Tribe will emerge out of this darkness as prophecized by the Hopi's years ago. One global tribe committed to reseeding the earth and restoring it to a healthy balance between humans and nature, not destroying the rainforests, plants, animals, and other humans in war.  When our consciousness is raised war will be unconscionable, class system, racism, and poverty will be impossible on the 5th-dimensional vibration of universal love.  

In the meantime slow down your breathing, remember to breathe when feeling any anxiety about the future, be inspired to change for the better-upgraded version of yourself! I am now Beverly L Nickerson, 5.0 version, what about you, please join me on the higher vibration and if I can help you in any way please email, text, or call. 

Beverly L Nickerson, Spiritual Coach, Founder Earthlight Promotions
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Time To Have The Courage of the White Lions Of Timbavati South Africa! Their birth in the 1970s was a sign of the Christ Consciousness flowering from within during this time of entering into the Age of Aquarius. We are the ones we have been waiting for!
Photo of Beverly L Nickerson, Sacred Sensitive Shaman, Spiritual Coach in South Africa on Linda Tuckers White Lion Preserve in April of 2012 With Ashland The King of The White Lions!


Spiritual Coaching Session
Spring Cleaning Time!

Beverly L Nickerson
Spiritual Coach, Sacred Sensitive Shaman
Offering 1 Hour Complimentary Zoom
Using Sacred Tools
A-Affirmations, Andean Medicine, Aroma Therapy
B-Breathwork, Sacred Flower Bath Healings
C-Child Inner Work Candle Magic, Chanting
D-Dance Therapy
F-Food Organic, Foresting, Feng Shui
H-House Clearing
I-I Am Consciousness
J-Jumping For Joy
K-Keep The Faith
M-Mirror Work, Meditation
N-Never Give Up
O-Open Heart
P-Prayer Technology
Q-Quiet Time
R-Roses, Raise Your Vibration
S-Sound Healing, Santo Palo, Sage
T-Travel Sacred Locations
U-Universal Principles
V-Vision Board
W-Waking Up, Walking In Woods
X-X Ray Vision
Y-Yearly Review
Z-Zen Philosophy
Just to name a few of the holistic healing techniques I have used myself for the past 22 years, will generously share them with you in a complimentary session on Zoom. If you choose to start working together, you can be assured your challenges will be heard and many natural medicines will be suggested from my ancient toolbox!
Beverly L Nickerson, Spiritual Director
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Beverly Rose

Ocean Oracle Reading
email Beverly L Nickerson,
Spiritual Coach,
Sacred Sensitive Shaman
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Donation Based Love Offering
St. James Scallop Shell represents " being on the hero's journey". There are 200 shells with detailed messages about your current journey, and sacred mission moving into this new age of Aquarius!
Message from Amanda Ellis My Favorite Channel On YouTube
Channeling Christ Holy Week Message
Part1- The Heart
Easter Message 2021


Do You Hear the Call to Heal!
Your Calling, if you accept it, is to develop your character and power by discovering your unique spiritual gifts and how to use them to offer something meaningful to the world. Start serving as a spiritual healer, mentor, and visionary in 9 months!
The Journey Starts May 4th, 2021
Nine-Month Shaman Apprenticeship With
don Zane Curfman
Click Below For More Details
In this apprenticeship, experience first hand the gifts of spiritual awareness and healing. Through Earth-honoring ceremonies, initiations, and ancient wisdom teachings, you gain the energy and understanding needed to pass beyond the veils of normal consciousness into the realms of trans-personal awareness. Learning the sacred arts of shamanism in the traditional way by experiencing them for yourself, known as the path of the wounded healer.
We all have spiritual gifts, but to learn to develop these gifts into the power to transform your life and offer something meaningful to the world is priceless! This just isn’t possible on your own. You need the guidance of a skilled mentor who has navigated their own journey to wholeness.
From the moment you answer the call, you will embark on your Journey to Wholeness in its full sense, step by step learning to master and empower yourself. Starting the first week you will see the amazing benefits of deeper spirituality in your life, increased inspiration, a sense of purpose, and greater wellbeing. You will be guided by a millennial old living tradition learning exactly what to do and how it benefits you and the world. Through transforming your life and becoming whole, you develop the medicine to help others do the same. You’ll receive feedback from a supportive community of like-minded people, and professional support from people skilled at keeping you moving forward into your becoming.

A Prescription for Healing Racism & Finding Wholeness

Dear Friends, Family & Colleagues, and Race Healer Community
Prelaunch Champaign Link:
For those of you who do not know me, I am Milagros Phillips, the author of CRACKING THE HEALER'S CODE: A Prescription for Healing Racism and Finding Wholeness. This book has been 20 years in the making, carries more than 30 years of experience doing healing racism work, and details the 12 stages of healing that have been so powerful for the thousands who have gone through this process. 
I created this campaign because I need your assistance in getting the book published and in the hands of a country--indeed a world--that is sorely in need of racial healing. I coalesced the information, did the writing, and now need your help to get it out into the world. In my workshops, I always speak of the importance of doing race work in community, and the power of what we can do together. I need your support to get this life-transforming information to the world, that we may heal from our racial conditioning as one human family. 
Your contributions are the final chapter in this book. 
CRACKING THE HEALER'S CODE: A Prescription for Healing Racism and Finding Wholeness is a book that provides the historical context of our internalized racial conditioning, gives us a roadmap for healing, and empowers us to claim our right to wholeness.

My hope is that, in reading this book, you will discover how each of us was conditioned through a divisive caste system, violence, and trauma over hundreds of years into the condition we call racism. I hope this book instills in you the same sort of passion and excitement that I have for healing from racial conditioning and finding wholeness. Ultimately, I want you to see this book as a tool to help you heal and join the beautiful diversity of our one human family.

You'll learn about the history that got us to where we are today: a history that goes beyond the middle passage and slavery and a caste system established by the Spaniards one hundred years before the Mayflower landed in the continental USA and the difference that healing can make.


Sunday's 1:00 Filming on YouTube
You are invited to register for a complimentary mini-reading with Tuere Cheka, Mystical Astrologer.
For guidelines to register for mini reading, contact the website link below and click on Free Readings
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Insight Light with Tuere Cheka

Click on Website To Register For Reading

 Tuere has been a spiritual reader/ astrologer and practitioner of healing arts for over 25 years. He facilitated live readings on WRFG in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as on WPFW in Washington, DC. Tuere also is a gifted musician, teaches meditation, and performs mystical poetry. Currently, mini readings are broadcast on the youtube platform - insight light as love. We invite you to check it out.  It is an opportunity to gather together and connect during these very interesting times. Peace, Good Health, and Joy from Insight Light.

I experienced an awesome Astrology Reading by Tuere! A weekly show on YouTube Sundays at 1:00 pm check it out! Replays saved! Register on the website for FREE Sample Astrology Reading!

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Tibetan Bowl & Flute Meditations
#3 Times Per Week
Dante Baker, Sound Healer
Dante Baker is a holistic spirit, Sound Healer, mind, and body practitioner who holds certifications in various modalities such as Yoga, Qigong, Detoxification, Human Design, Tarot Card, Reiki, Personal Training, and Massage Therapy. All of these certifications have helped make Dante skilled at helping people with their journey towards optimal health. Dante has the ability to listen and share the knowledge that will help their transformational process. Humanity is going through an upgrade in consciousness and each individual has the capability to evolve in their unique way.
Click Below Insight Timer is an App can join for FREE:
Sound Healing With Tibetan Bowls & Flute
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Alchemist Header


 We are the official US distributors of MZ Alchemist therapeutic-grade essential oils. The finest essential oils to help you thrive in all areas of your life.

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on 1 therapeutic-grade essential oil

Alchemist Oils distributes therapeutic grade essential oils (aromatic essences) created by our Egyptian alchemist, Mikael Zayat, a Clinical Aromatherapist for 30 years. He distills and creates in Bromont, Quebec, Canada. Examples of our blends are Energy, Adrenals, Calming, Fearless II; the Emotions, Archangels, Alchemy or Dragon sets and many more…

Questions Contact Rusen Grigorescu
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Mikael Zayat, our 7th generation alchemist from Egypt, has THE NOSE it takes to become a great perfumer. He did not choose that particular life path because he knew that many gifted perfumers had died of nasal carcinoma due to all the synthetic fragrances they had to inhale over their careers.
So today, 33 years later, Mikael is formulating top-notch aromatic blends which are like perfumes without artificial ingredients. Mikael creates blends with only NATURE’S finest, properly harvested plants. They are the finest essential oils available. If Mother Nature gives more sun than usual to a plant before harvest, Mikael will not destroy this gift to standardize the blend, instead, he keeps Mother Nature’s precious elements active in the blend. By honoring nature’s wisdom, Mikael’s unique creations cannot be duplicated.
MZ compares essential oils to wine. If you are looking for a table wine that will be uniform throughout the USA or the world, you will find it, as manufacturers reconstitute the mix with machines and add different ingredients to meet prescribed standards. Now, if you are looking for a Chateau wine, by all means, keep intact that extra ingredient which enjoyed more sun that day and the other elemental riches of nature, that is the hallmark of MZ’s creative approach.
Protect Yourself From The Virus & Smell Great Too!

Try the Neal Yard Organic by purchasing a Starter Kit and share if you like with others. I have many tools in my toolbox to keep myself healthy and young-looking! NYR is one of them.
Beverly L Nickerson, Spiritual Coach

  • Rejuvenating Frankincense Toner
  • Frankincense Refining Cleanser
  • Mini Frankincense Intense Age-Defying Cream
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  • Citrus Shower Gel
  • Eucalyptus Organic Essential Oil
  • Organic Defence Aromatherapy Blend
  • Lavender Organic Essential Oil
  • Vetiver Essential Oil
  • Relaxation Remedies to Roll
  • Neal's Yard Remedies Trolley Bag
  • Bee Lovely Tote Bag
  • Customer Order Forms x50
  • Main Catalog x10
  • Holiday Mini Catalog x25
  • Plastic Spatulas x25
  • Kraft Medium & Large Bags x15 each
  • 5 Product Sample Sachet Packs x20
  • Welcome Card

There are no monthly quotas, so you can find the ideal balance to fit your lifestyle


Earthlight Promotions Presents Healy
Raise Your Vibration
 Through Microcurrent Technology
Just another TOOL in my toolbox to raise our vibration
 Bioenergetic Revitalization at your fingertips
Really Works I Can Scan Your Chakras & Aura Help Balance

As energy frequency beings we use a variety of tools from Sound healing, meditation, crystals, aromatherapy, etc., to raise the vibration and support our journey. Healy is a new tool that can be a catalyst in our journey to elevate and strengthen our vibration and support and complement and enhance the other tools one incorporates in their daily routine.

Based on the pioneering work of Nicolai Tesla, Healy is a Cutting edge German-based company with a long history, (Timewaver is the parent company), pioneering an advanced Microcurrent technology - Tesla Energy-Frequency-Vibrations, in a wearable health solutions app for your Smartphone and Smartwatch. Wherever you are: hiking in the woods, kayaking, driving, on the beach meditating, at the gym, at work, etc., Healy can be your partner in optimizing vibrational health.

Healy incorporates advanced Microcurrent technology to raise and balance the frequency resonance of the body.  Beyond being FDA listed for Pain Relief support, arthritis, and overextended muscles, the Healy devices can do many things for your health on many levels*. 

Healy simply provides frequencies that are intended to resonate with the cells in your body and help to increase the voltage of those cells that are below the -70 mV that are classified as healthy cells. This is the basis of frequencies for health. Our magnificent bodies were designed to heal themselves if given the correct tools. Right frequencies allow our bodies to come into balance and use the tools we have to an even greater degree.

The frequency programs that Healy contains enhance and promote your Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Social, Financial Health, and well-being. This versatile little device can be used for many different health situations as well as for supportive therapy. Among the many health and wellbeing benefits, Healy offers you individual programs that can support you in the following areas:

Bioenergetic Balance - Promotes the bioenergetic balance of your organs and balances disturbances in your energy field.
Protection Programs - Promotes your bioenergetic balance, vitality and wellbeing, and protection from EMFs.
Sleep - Helps you get better rest and sounder sleep through relaxation.
Mental Balance - Supports you in regaining emotional and mental balance.
Job - Relaxation, and resistance to stress are reinforced by Healy applications. (job does not actually refer to "your job")
Skin - Designed to bio-energetically support your skin through special applications.
Learning - Helps you focus when you really need to.
Fitness - Helps you to achieve your athletic goals.
Gold Cycle - Helps you feel fit and balanced
Meridians - Helps to improve the flow of your life energy.
Chakras and the Aura - Helps you activate and harmonize your energy centers
Please email or call me with questions and let me help you learn and work with Healy. For those interested, there is a great opportunity to share Healy with others and receive thank-you checks!

Now IMAGINE using Healy for your 4 legged companions!!! Introducing the new Animal module for the HealAdvisor App and 12 new Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) Animal programs for your Healy! This unique bundle helps you support the harmonization of your animal’s Bioenergetic Field – and when your pet feels good, you feel good, too.
Healy works wonders with focus and relaxation.
Beverly L Nickerson, Spiritual Life Coach, Founder Earthlight Promotions 
Yet another way to raise our vibration!


Stuart Hill
Teaching Traditional Yoga Styles
Join For April 2021!
If you made a resolution to get back into shape try a 1 week class for FREE Email Stuart mention Earthlight
Offering 65 Yoga Classes Each Month!
On Zoom for just $50.00 Per Month
Relax and re-energize during these
challenging times!

Looking for a source of on-line yoga? Increase strength, stamina, and flexibility; reduce stress and connect with the greater consciousness; prepare for and meditate if you like. Stuart Hill has been teaching Kundalini and Hatha Yoga for 10 years. His certifications include Hatha E-RYT 500 and Kundalini E-RYT 200, and Silver Yoga Certifications. 

Stuart is currently offering 17 classes per week, including:
- Three (3) Kundalini classes,
- Six (6) Gentle Yoga Level 1 & 2 classes,
- Seven (7) Hatha (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced/Restorative) classes,
- Monthly Live Concert
These classes are live and online using the Zoom platform. This allows the teacher to demonstrate poses, and for the teacher to view you and suggest any modifications to improve your practice. Classes are every morning and some evenings.

Please visit for timings of classes, detailed descriptions and to register click below

You have access to 65 classes per month for $50! If you would like to sample a couple of classes, please email Stuart ( for a couple of free class passes. All you need is a laptop, IPAD, or iphone to join the classes. Classes often include live Native American Indian flute music, Tibetan bowls, and gong meditations during the relaxation period after each class. Students can join early to visit and hang around after for Q&A.
"I so look forward to Hatha and Kundalini Yoga Class on Zoom with Stuart Hill a few times per week. He has been my yoga teacher for many years and I really missed his classes and the awesome music he plays. During these quarantine times, being on zoom is the next best thing to in-person classes it so keeps me in shape, mentally balanced, and happy. "

Intertwining the ancient traditional healing into our modern world