Election Update
Election Day is tomorrow - Tuesday, August 4. This is the primary election

All of our regular precincts will be open on Tuesday, August 4 from 7am to 8pm. You are encouraged to wear a mask and practice social distancing. Lines may appear longer than usual due to social distancing, but our election inspectors will be working diligently to keep the process moving.

For everyone's safety, election inspectors will be wearing masks or face shields, and we will be sanitizing high-touch surfaces regularly. We will also have hand sanitizer available.

If you requested an absentee ballot and have not yet returned it, we must receive it at Township Hall (not at the precinct) by 8pm on Election Day. We will be checking the drop boxes periodically, and you may bring the ballot into the building. If you received an absentee ballot and have decided to vote in person, please bring your ballot with you. We will cancel that ballot and issue you a new one.

If you need to register to vote for tomorrow's election, you must come to Township Hall. Bring ID and proof of residency that includes your current address. You can register to vote until 8pm on Election Day.

Precinct Locations:
Precinct 1 - Spring Lake Township Fire Station #2 - 18964 174th Ave
Precinct 2 - Lakeshore Fellowship - 16970 Van Wagoner Road
Precinct 3 - St. Mary's Catholic Church Activity Center - 406 E. Savidge
Precinct 4 - St. Mary's Catholic Church Activity Center - 406 E. Savidge
Precinct 5 - Nortonville Gospel Chapel - 14528 Leonard Road
Precinct 6 - All Shores Wesleyan Church - 15550 Cleveland

Call or email Clerk Carolyn Boersma if you have any questions.
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