Election Information
from Clerk Carolyn Boersma
For the August and November elections, an absentee ballot application will be sent to all registered voters. The COVID 19 virus is, and potentially will be, a threat to us still.

I am doing this to give an option to those who would prefer not to be in a place where many people will also potentially be. However, if your preference is to vote in person, all precincts will be open. We will do whatever we can to try to keep the polling place sanitized for our workers and voters. While face masks are not required, they are encouraged.

The opportunity to vote is a privilege as well as a right. We want to make sure everyone can vote in a manner that they feel most comfortable doing so.

If you have any questions about the absentee voting process, please call me at 616-844-2101. I would be very happy to spend a few minutes to explain our process.
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