Spring Lake Township Cemetery Data

Spring Lake Township Cemetery data is now available online! Information includes the names of those who are interred and veteran status. Many records also include a picture of the headstone. Follow the link to reach the Ottawa County Cemetery Mapping site. Once there, click on the Spring Lake Cemetery shortcut. Zoom in to see individual graves. Click on "View Additional Details" to see any pictures that are available.
Tri-Cities Connector Trail (Bike Path) Maintenance

The Tri-Cities Connector Trail (bike path) between Spring Lake, Ferrysburg and Grand Haven will be closed for repairs beginning September 5. Repairs are scheduled to be complete by late October. This connector trail is the path going over the channel by the Holiday Inn. Work will involve replacing damaged fencing, cleaning and coating the sky bridge and piers, treating the boardwalk railing system, asphalt repair and turf restoration.

The Village of Spring Lake has spoken with the project engineer and other contractors and has been assured that the event portion of the path will be ready for the Oktoberfest Marathon, Half marathon and 5K that will be held on September 23. Proceeds from the Oktoberfest event support the Faith Marie Losee Foundation. 
Honor Rewards for Veterans

The Ottawa County Clerk's Office is offering Honor Rewards, which allow Ottawa County veterans to sign up to receive an ID card. This card can be used to receive discounts and benefits at nearly 100 local participating businesses. It's a tangible way to say "thank you" to local veterans for their service.
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