Great Job, DPW!

Thanks to the DPW employees who were up late during the recent power outages. When the power goes out, generators are needed to keep our pump stations running. Keeping the pump stations running keeps sewage out of basements. We all appreciate their dedication to keeping the system running in emergencies.

In addition, these employees keep the snow plowed at the Township facilities and on the bike paths. This plowing is in addition to their regular water-service related activities. They are having a very busy winter!  
Fire Truck 1723

Fire Department Updates

Our new fire station was dedicated in October. This station features rooftop solar panels and all LED lighting. It is the only LEED-certified fire station in Michigan.

The Fire Department has also taken delivery on a new pumper/rescue truck. It is the first new truck in 10 years. A new truck had been planned for in the budgeting process for several years. The replacement was delayed until the old truck was no longer fit for service, allowing the truck to be paid for with accumulated capital and no additional millage was required. The new rescue/pumper is slightly smaller, which will be easier to maneuver in driveways. The truck will be licensed as an EMT vehicle and will be the main mutual aid truck. Fire Chief Brian Sipe notes that the truck is all made in Michigan, with the chassis made in Charlotte and the rest of the truck completed in South Haven.
Ottawa County News

Ottawa County publishes several informative newsletters. The Ottawa County Road Commission newsletter discusses where to place your garbage can during winter. These tips can help keep your garbage in the container and allow the streets to be properly plowed.

Ottawa County Parks also has a newsletter. The most recent edition discusses the addition of 80 acres to the North Ottawa Dunes Park. 

If you're interested in subscribing to these or other County communications, you can sign up on the County website:
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