Local Road Surface Treatment

This year the Township is treating subdivision roads in two areas. Specifically, Highland Ave will be treated from West Spring Lake Road to the lake. The entire lengths of Glendale Circle, Pine Grove Drive, Oak Point Drive, Oak Ridge Drive and Edgewood Court will be treated. One lane will be open at all times.

Spring Lake Township's contractor uses a 2-step process for the surface treatment. The contractor will begin to place the FiberMat on June 29, and will follow up with the Microsurfacing on July 5. As always, these dates are dependent on the weather, as the process cannot proceed if the pavement is wet.

More information on the road treatment process is available on our website.
Repaving 152nd Avenue

Ottawa County Road Commission will be repaving 152nd Avenue from M104 to Leonard Road. This will involve a 1.5 inch asphalt overlay. Road milling will take place on Wednesday, June 28, Thursday, June 29 and Friday, June 30. Manhole replacement will occur on Wednesday, July 5. The asphalt overlay will be placed on Thursday, July 6. 

One lane will be open at all times. On Thursday, July 6, there will be short periods of time when side street traffic will have to wait for the paving equipment to pass before proceeding. 
Ottawa County Road Commission 

The Ottawa County Road Commission has developed a road closures list and an interactive map. These are updated regularly as conditions change. They have also updated the list of construction projects that they are overseeing. 
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