Little Black Lake Kayak Launch
Norton Shores is hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new kayak launch at Little Black Lake Park. The ceremony will be Friday, March 22 at 3pm.

  • Head west on Wilson Road from 174th Ave (Old Grand Haven Road)
  • Turn south on Wood Road
  • Follow the road around. Just before you enter the Eagles Campground, take the access road to the north and follow it to the end of the road.

All are invited to help us celebrate the new park and launch.
Spring Weight Restrictions
The Ottawa County Road Commission gives notice that 6 a.m. Monday, March 11, 2019, spring weight restrictions will be in effect and strictly enforced on all county roads under their jurisdiction. Weight restrictions are enforced to minimize the damage caused during Michigan’s seasonal thaw. As the ground thaws in the spring, water is forced toward the surface and exerts pressure on roads, causing them to buckle and become more prone to damage. During the weight restrictions period, trucks traveling on "posted" roads must carry lighter loads and travel at slower speeds.

The Road Commission has implemented a 24-hour recorded answering system for public use to check the status of the restrictions. To access this service, please call 616-842-0086 or 1-800-394-0290.
Road Construction Season
The Ottawa County Road Commission has more than 22 miles of primary road improvements planned this summer. They will be resurfacing State Road from Fruitport Road to 144th Avenue in Spring Lake Township. Visit the OCRC website for more information.
Waste Hauler Information
In September, 2006 Spring Lake Township started a new waste hauler program. The objectives of the new program were to reduce the number of trucks on each road – by so doing increase safety, control the prices and reduce road wear. The program has worked very well for 13 years. Every year all the waste haulers meet with me to discuss their concerns and the Townships concerns. The major concern this year was the almost triple cost to the haulers to process recyclable materials.

In 2006, when the program started, the quarterly rate for trash pick-up was $46.50. The quarterly rate for trash pick-up starting April 1, 2019 will be $62.00 for all haulers. In this 13 year period, the haulers have had very significant increases in truck costs, almost doubled process and disposal fees, increased employee wages and increased health insurance costs and increased company insurance costs.

The quarterly waste hauler fee includes both waste and recycling pick-up. There are additional charges for yard waste. The different haulers charge slightly different rates for yard waste pick-up.

For the year starting April 1, 2019 thru March 31, 2020 the standard rate for waste & recycling pick-up will be $62.00 per quarter for RMS, Republic and Lake Effect customers – Waste Management customers call 866 797-9018 for a rate quote.

Some things to remember which will help you and the haulers:
1.       Pick-up days only change when the pick-up day falls on the exact holiday – New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4 th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. In those weeks, all pick-ups will move back one day.
2.       Recycling – If we are to continue to be able to receive curbside recycling it would be greatly appreciated if customers would do the following:
a.       Break down all cardboard boxes into flat sheets no bigger than 2’ x 4’
b.       Clean/rinse all food and beverage containers, as well as any other soiled containers; flatten tin cans, plastic jugs, plastic bottles to reduce volume
c.        Only put what is listed on the attached recycle sheet in their recycling bucket
3.       Trash bucket placement – place buckets on the road edge no closer than 3’ apart. It would be great if all buckets could be placed on the same side of the street.

If you have questions feel free to call the Township Office 842-1340.
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