Grand River Sewer Main / Sewer Rate Increase

Background on Grand River Sewer Main
  • Actual Sewer Main - 12" diameter ductile iron pipe
    • Runs from the north side of the Grand River in Spring Lake Village under the Grand River to the south side of the Grand River where the Grand Haven-Spring Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant is located
  • The Sewer Main carries all sewage from Ferrysburg, Spring Lake Village & Spring Lake Township to Grand Haven-Spring Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant in Grand Haven
  • History of the Sewer Main - sewer main built and installed about 45 years ago
    • Pipe is inspected on a regular basis
    • Pipe was punctured in 1998 by a barge anchor pipe. This puncture was repaired by placing a stainless steel wrap around the hole in the pipe and then that wrap was held in place with stainless steel straps - the wrap permanently stopped the leak
    • On February 28, 2017, it was determined there was a 2" diameter hole in the sewer main - it was patched using the same method as used successfully in 1998
What needs to be done now? A new pipe must be built and installed.
  • The current sewer main is 45 years old - we cannot take the chance of a major break
  • The approximate cost of the total replacement and other needed upgrades is $5,000,000
  • The $5,000,000 will be paid for by how much sewer volume is produced:
    • Spring Lake Township - approximately 75% - so Spring Lake Township will pay 75%
    • Ferrysburg - 13% -  so they will pay 13%
    • Spring Lake Village - 12% - so they will pay 12%

How much will sewer bills be increased and when will increases start?
  • Spring Lake Township has been planning for the replacement sewer main, but the amount of money currently put away for the replacement will not cover the entire cost
  • The increase in sewer/water bill will be about 12.5% or $17 per quarter for an average household in Spring Lake Township
  • The increased sewer charge will consist of two parts - a Force Main Debt Service Charge based on your meter size, and a commodity charge based on your sewer usage (this charge is listed as Sewer 2 on your bill)
  • This increase in Spring Lake Township water/sewer bill will start with the first quarter bill for 2017 (Jan, Feb, March), which will be sent out on April 15, 2017
When will the new sewer main be built?
  • To build this pipe will require engineering plans; construction estimates and bids; permits from the Army Corps of Engineers and MDEQ; and then construction
  • It is hoped that the new sewer main could be built and functioning by the end of 2018

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