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Happy Spring !?
- or did we just skip right through and we are back in November ?   You wouldn't know it was April by the WEATHER ... But here we are and we're pleased to present the March, 2011 Statistics from our Real Estate Board [REBGV] in this newsletter, as well as an update on Mortgage News, Interest Rates and, the Spring Market !  Our market is very active and properties are moving quickly.  Call us if you have particular questions !

Home buyers and sellers enter the housing market at near record pace in March

Activity in the Greater Vancouver housing market continued to strengthen in March with both the number of homes sold and added to the region's Multiple Listing Service� (MLS�) reaching near record levels...  READ MORE


                                     February  Listings         March Listings

                                                Det     Att      Apt           Det    Att     Apt


North Vancouver               198    62       189            201     76    157

West Vancouver                 174    13         41            199      7      46


                              February Sales           March Sales

                                                  Det     Att      Apt         Det    Att     Apt


North Vancouver                 111       36       85          134    43     113

West Vancouver                    92          3       18          152    11        26


JOIN US WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6TH at the North Shore's Largest BUSINESS Trade Show !

Join us this Wednesday at the Pinnacle Hotel in Lower Lonsdale from 1pm to 7pm and view exhibits from over 70 business here on the North Shore !  ADMISSION IS FREE !


Check out the centre section of last Sunday's North Shore News for our location, then come find us - we have lots of FREE STUFF !



Underground Oil Storage Tanks 


We cannot stress enough the importance of removing old underground oil storage tanks from the ground - for the environment, our children and your pocketbook !  While West Van District has (recently) put regulations in place for the removal of tanks, as yet no single body in North Vancouver has taken charge and done the same.   Therefore, it falls on REALTORS and SELLERS to figure this out.  No one likes to know they may have a buried tank on their property, possibly seeping nasty things into the ground - especially when it is the responsibility of a homeowner to pay for the removal of those tanks !


We have LOTS of experience with tanks, scanning for tanks, and their removal via a professional company.  Call us any time if you think your home may be a candidate for one (typically those built prior to 1960).  In the meanwhile, read THIS for more information.

BCREA Mortgage Rate Forecast: March 25, 2011: 


Click here for the report:  BCREA Forecast


Mortgage News


We've had many enquiries on the new minimum down payment requirements. Here are the details in effect now: 


Purchase home to live in:


Fully qualifying:                          5% down payment

Business for Self Program:     10% down payment 

Cash Back Mortgage:                5% down payment  



Purchase Rental Property:         20% down payment (fully qualifying) 

Refinance Home:                          85% equity required.



LYNN VALLEY DAY ! MAY 28th, 2011 

We hope you can join us at one of North Vancouver's favorite events !  This year, under a custom designed, 150 foot  canopy tent, we'll be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Lynn valley Community Association & 40th Anniversary of the Lynn Valley Lions Club.  There will be a Friday night dinner / dance under the big tent (with a live band), and a Friday night family movie night.   There are still some sponsorship opportunities available for any businesses that are interested.  Typically about 10,000 people attend the event in one day.  Give us a call if you are interested !



Today is the City of Vancouver's 125th Birthday !


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