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Spring Influx of Migrant Birds 

Many of our migrating birds and butterflies are now arriving and there are few people here to enjoy them.  Here is your opportunity to enjoy  them through these photos.

    [Broad-billed Hummingbird by Tony Donaldson]

Elegant Trogon by Debra Davison

Photos by Steve Wolfe

Pyrrhuloxia                                          Northern Cardinal

Green-tailed Towhee

                    Barn Swallow                                Immature Male Scott's Oriole

Butterflies on South Fork Cave Creek
By Lori Conrad

A pair of Fatal Metalmarks   

Fatal Metalmark

                  Mylitta Crescent                                  Dainty Sulphurs

Hummingbird Quiz!
[The following quiz is from Bird Watcher's Digest:]

Hummingbird Question #1
What is the colorful, iridescent neck plumage of a male  hummingbird called?
a) Speculum
b) Gorget
c) Snood
d) Cowl

Rivoli's Hummingbird by Steve Wolfe
Answer: b) Gorget (pronounced with the same G sounds as in gorgeous). The word comes from the Old French word for throat, and in Middle English referred to throat-protecting armor.                

Hummingbird Question #2
In addition to nectar, what do hummingbirds eat?

a) Spiders
b) Wasps
c) Beetles
d) All of the above
e) Nothing-nectar is their only food.

   Costa's Hummingbird -  by Tony Donaldson  
Answer: d) All of the above. In addition to nectar (natural or human-made), hummingbirds eat flies, gnats, wasps, aphids, beetles, leafhoppers, spiders, and many other small invertebrates. They also drink tree sap from woodpecker-made holes, and sip juice from over-ripe fruit. 

Hummingbird Question #3
How many hummingbird species are
 there in the world? 

 a) 27
 b) 84
 c) About 350                                                           d) About 600

Black-chinned Hummingbird by Tony Donaldson

Answer: c) There are about 350 species of hummingbirds in the world, and they're only in the Western Hemisphere: North, Central, and South America.

Hummingbird Question #4
Which country claims the most hummingbird species?
a) Brazil   
b) Ecuador
c) Colombia
d) The United States of America

Calliope Hummingbird by Lori Conrad

Answer: c) Colombia claims 160 species of hummingbirds; Ecuador 130; and Brazil around 80. Only about a dozen species of hummingbird breed regularly in the United States.

Hummingbird Question #5

Which U.S. state has no hummingbirds?  
a) Alaska
b) Hawaii
c) Montana
d) Maine

Lucifer Hummingbird by Steve Wolfe

Answer: b)  Hawaii has Nenes, Elepaios, Omaos, Apapanes, and Iiwis, but no hummingbirds. Rufous Hummingbirds nest in southern Alaska, where Anna's Hummingbirds sometimes overwinter!

For more quiz questions and information on hummingbirds go here to the Bird Watcher's Digest website.

Visitor Information Center Is Still Closed 
In Response to COVID-19 
It may reopen in May

Forest Service established campgrounds were closed on 3/23/20.  
We do not know when they will re-open.

Dispersed camping is allowed.
The forest remains open.
Call (520) 558-2221 or (520) 388-8436 for Information

Certain visitors keep coming - they aren't worried about the virus!
              Painted Redstart                                Chiricahua Fox Squirrel
                [Photo by Steve Wolfe]                                       [Photo by Mike Jacobi]

The Incredible Poppy Year!
[Even white poppies]

In the dessert are millions of poppies around barrel cactus and agave plants

Cane Cholla                                       Desert Chickory
[By Steve Wolfe]


In the last two months many comments and suggestions have been received by the Forest Service and FOCCC regarding the proposed South Fork Project.  These will all be taken into account for the draft proposal the Forest Service will produce.

Different components and placement include handicapped accessible trail, vault toilet, picnic tables, benches, educational kiosk and trail, staging area, signage and other trails.

This project must go through the approval process with the Forest Service and US Fish and Wildlife Service.  Because of delays in the review process due to coronavirus, it may not be completed before the end of December 2020.

Friends of Cave Creek Canyon will be reviewing and commenting on the project during these final review phases.  

Waterfall near John Hands Picnic Area   
[By Cecil Williams]  

                 High Country                                 Barfoot Park
By Peg Abbott

Solpugids Wind Scorpion -  Our Lovely Neighbor
by Ray Mendez

Fun local critter for today. When my wife Joy moved here from Cody, WY, I knew it would be a tough day for the spiders. I had spiders living around the lights by the bed so when I was reading at night any small gnats or plant hoppers that might fly into the room, through the screens, would be captured and eaten. When she arrived, the vacuum cleaner removed all my little helpers from the house. One evening Joy spied a wind-scorpion, or Solpugid, running across the living room floor, and I knew its moments were on count down. I jumped in and told her they are not true spiders, don't sting, nor are they poisonous. Plus they kill and eat anything they can overcome or run down, and they are super fast. The next morning we found the remains of a cone-nosed bug (like a giant bed bug) on the floor. Only the legs and a bit of the wings were left. Solpugids are now honored guests in our house. The unlucky ones also provide swatting fun for the cat.
Solpugids have interesting jaws that move up and down and act more like a set of scissors with a mouth at the rear end. Last night our son Wyatt and I were discussing how wonderful they are, and he told me the method of feeding is called a "cheliceral mill" - perfect! Chelicerae are the appendages in front of the mouth in arachnids and some other arthropods. Enjoy the day and our lovely neighbors...

FOCCC 2020 Officers and Board

Reed Peters         President                                     Other Board Members  
Sheri Ashley        Vice President                      Bob Ashley        
Mike Williams      Vice President 
                   Alan Craig           Rene Donaldson
Rick Beno 
Cecil Williams 
  Kim Vacariu
Pat Parran            Secretary
FOCCC Board of Directors meets on the first Wednesday morning each month  at the Chiricahua Desert Museum on Highway 80.  If you have interest in attending or putting something on the agenda, please contact President Reed Peters at 520-558-2334.  All members are welcome to attend.




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