Hello Friends!
Isn't this the most fun time of year? Spring has really settled in and our local birds' nesting season is in full swing. We've been hearing reports of lots of new little bluebirds, wrens, chickadees, and nuthatches out there already! If
you procrastinated with getting your bird houses up, don't worry: Spring took its time to arrive this year, and nesting season is really just starting to heat up. There's still plenty of nesting time to come! 

We know that you count on us for quality wild bird supplies, but have you bought yourself a treat lately? We have so many fantastic items in stock - nature-inspired art, quality optics and accessories, home and garden decor, jewelry, wind chimes, beautiful bird baths, and bird houses and feeders galore. Whether you're looking to add a decorative touch to the home and garden or to provide some real estate or food for nesting birds, we have everything you need. Stop in our stores soon - we look forward to hearing the latest nature and nesting updates from your yard!
Those Busy Birds!

Noticing lots of bird activity lately? Nesting season is ON, so now is the time to pick up some more bird houses, mealworms, and suet for the best chance at  nesting success and healthy fledglings right in your yard. You will absolutely love watching the determined baby birds begging their parents for more, More, MORE food to eat!
Adding to the excitement, our most eye-catching warm-weather birds are officially in town. Painted Buntings and Ruby-throated Hummingbirds have returned and are starting to establish their own nesting sites for the season. Neither of these species will nest in a bird house, but you can certainly encourage them to consider your trees and shrubs by offering a reliable food source. So: If you haven't put out your special feeders for them quite yet...drop everything and do so right now! Both Wild Bird & Garden locations have all of the hummingbirds' and buntings' favorite feeders and food in stock, and we can offer expert advice to help you attract these gorgeous birds to your yard - stop in and see us!

Southport Seminar Series

Join us at our Southport location on the first Wednesday morning of each month for a special series of entertaining and educational programs on some of our most-requested seasonal topics.

Advance registration and $5 fee required for each seminar. All fee proceeds will benefit   Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter and attendees will receive a $5 shopping voucher per seminar. Space is limited! 

Our last seminar of the season is coming up, and will be followed by a special native plant sale:

June 5 | 9 - 10 | Birds & Native Plants Seminar
              |10 - 12:30| Plant Sale with Going Native Gardens

Spring Native Plant Sales

We are excited to be teaming up with wonderful local growers Joyce and Mindy from Going Native Gardens to offer a full schedule of Native Plant Sales this Spring! Choosing native plants is one of the best ways to provide natural food and habitat for our area's birds, butterflies, and pollinators; stop by and pick out some locally-grown plants that will encourage a variety of beneficial wildlife to visit your garden oasis!

  Click here for the most current sale schedule, and check back often - we'll be adding more sales throughout the year!

Our next Native Plant Sale is coming up this weekend!
Saturday May 18 | 10 - 12:30 | Wilmington

Photo: Roy Reuter
Baffle Unwanted Guests

Last year, our friend Roy shared this picture of a snake that had recently raided a bluebird nest in his yard. Nesting season does have its hazards, and unwelcome visitors to the nest is certainly among them. 'Tis the season for installing a   baffle  below your pole-mounted bird houses. They're an effective  deterrent against climbing and slithering intruders and last for years. This one bit of preventative maintenance can make a big difference during nesting season, and can be installed under your pole-mounted feeders during the other parts of the year.  We're still early in the nesting season, so stop in if you need a   baffle  or two for that extra level of security.
Birding Kayaking Excursions

Feeling adventurous? Join Wild Bird & Garden and  Mahanaim Adventures for some memorable birding out on our local waters. Excursions are $55 per person, and include all kayak equipment and guide services. Single and tandem boats are available for all excursions, and all skill levels are welcome. To register, call Mahanaim Adventures: (910) 547-8252 or  reserve at  their website.

Our 2019 Birding/Kayaking Schedule:
Plan ahead for autumnal adventures too!

August 23 (Fri) Cape Fear Wading Birds Tour (8:30 - 12)
September 13 (Fri) Full Moon Owl Prowl Tour (5 - 9)
October 1 (Tue) Masonboro Island Tour (8:30 - 12)

Upcoming Events

Wrightsville Beach Bird Steward Bird Walk
Mondays at 9AM
Meet at Gazebo at WB Public Access #43
Join Audubon NC Wrightsville Beach Bird Stewards for a bird walk to view the nesting colony of Black Skimmers, Common Terns and American Oystercatchers. Stewards will have spotting scopes and visual aids to share the challenges beach nesting birds face when incubating eggs and raising chicks on the hot sand and busy beach. The walk is free; parking is limited and requires a fee. Consider carpooling with friends!

Airlie Bird Walk 
Wednesday, June 12 | 8:00 - 9:30 am
Meet in Airlie Gardens Main Parking Lot
Join us for a free guided bird walk through the varied and beautiful habitats at  Airlie Gardens. Regular Airlie admission applies, or you can pick up a $2 discount voucher for the walk at our Wilmington store.

Southport Bird Walk
Wednesday, June 19 | 8:30 - 9:30
Meet at Wild Bird & Garden Southport, 105 E Brown Street
Join Wild Bird & Garden staff for a birding stroll around Southport's historic downtown and waterfront areas. This walk is free and open to all!

Have a suggestion for a program, trip, or event you'd like to see us offer? Stop in or give us a call!

As always, we thank you for reading.  We hope you'll stop in soon to tell us all about the bird activity in your yard, and to check out our newest bird houses, feeders, baths, and treats.  Of course, you should also pick up a little something for yourself or the garden while you're at it - at Wild Bird & Garden, you'll find lots of special jewelry, wind chimes, garden art, unique home decor, and so much more. Be sure to show us the coupon below for extra savings! And a reminder: Don't let the next Native Plant Sale slip by without a visit!

Happy Birding!
  Jill and the  Wild Bird & Garden Team

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