May 30, 2020
Spring News: Outreach Reports and Web Updates
Fall 2019 Action Planning Phase Outreach Report
The Action Planning phase of the River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan began in Spring 2019, following the development of draft policies designed to turn the neighborhood vision into a reality. The current phase involves creating a list of draft actions that will implement the draft policies, including new proposed programs, land use code changes, and community-led initiatives. Community input on the draft actions was gathered at the Pumpkin Pie and Planning event in November, through an online survey, and through focused outreach to underrepresented communities. The feedback and survey results are shown in the “ Fall 2019 Action Planning Phase Outreach Report ”.

Neighborhood Conversation Summary
In early 2020, a series of small group discussions took place to gather community input about proposed land use changes as part of the neighborhood plan, specifically focusing on the River Road Corridor Study . Overwhelming interest from residents and property owners in the neighborhood led to scheduling additional meetings – 13 conversations in total, attended by approximately 200 residents. Groups of staff, volunteers, and community members met and discussed elements of the land use changes, sharing support and reservations. The input gathered during these meetings is compiled in the “ Neighborhood Conversation Summary ”. 
River Road Corridor Study
Check out the new River Road Corridor Study web map to explore the draft preferred zoning concept in more detail. More detailed draft code language is being developed this summer, and the project team is working to understand how state rulemaking for House Bill 2001 may impact the code.

Where Are We Headed?
The community input will help inform the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) and project staff as they refine actions and begin to develop the components to be included in the neighborhood plan adoption package. The project team will be exploring online or other remote options to continue outreach to the community. A community recommendation from the River Road and Santa Community Organizations and the CAC will be forwarded to Eugene and Lane County decision-makers to begin the formal adoption process later this year.

Web Updates!
Check out the project webpages for some new updates! Updates include new photos, recent outreach reports, and individualized topic area pages that include the latest draft vision statements, goals, policies, and actions with links to provide feedback . Tell us what you like, what you have concerns about, or questions you may have about these drafts.

To learn more about the River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan or the River Road Corridor Study, contact project manager  Chelsea Hartman  at 541-682-5686.