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Spring 2016
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  • Embedded Vision Alliance Summit
  • Path Fault Tester App
  • Oscilloscope Automation Scripts
  • Combo MIPI Analyzer Products
It's springtime! We take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for being part of the Introspect community. The winter months have been quite busy with product introductions, innovative applications, and ever creative user deployments. We are always grateful for this, and we are deeply committed to being part of your productivity endeavors.

Read on to learn more about upcoming events, exciting new products, and more!  

Introspect Technology
Event: Embedded Vision Alliance Summit
Make machines that see with Introspect and MIPI Alliance! Experience our demonstration of the low power and high bandwidth capability of MIPI imaging architectures over D-PHY/C-PHY. Introspect's world-leading generators will perform CSI-2 packet transmissions into commercial embedded receivers,  showcasing the flexibility of MIPI's imaging standards.

Path Fault Tester App... Because the Medium Really Is the Message!
Marshall McLuhan once said "the medium is the message," and this rings profound in modern day interconnection systems ranging from 100G fiber optic cables to consumer-grade USB Type-C connectors. Oftentimes, an entire Gbps system's pass/fail status depends on the BER performance of the interconnect, thus creating an urgent need for at-speed system interconnect verification. To help address this need, IntrospectESP software now incorporates the sophisticated Path Fault Tester App, enabling quality screening and margin analysis of any interconnect system from 1 to 32 lanes!

Oscilloscope Automation Scripts Enable Complete Receiver Test Solutions
Receiver stress testing requires the proper creation of calibrated waveform shapes at device inputs. Introspect's receiver test solutions can now be supplied with scope calibration scripts based on the IntrospectESP Software.

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Combo MIPI Analyzer Products
Introspect's MIPI analyzer solutions offer a unique capability to test both the physical layer and the protocol layer using a single tool. Pictured on the right are views ranging from electrical analog waveforms to logic state streams, protocol packets, and full functional videos enabled within a single tool. We have now extended this further by introducing combo D-PHY and C-PHY analyzer products. A dual roadmap strategy never looked so smart!