Spring 2014 

New Girls Dorm!


A new dorm was recently built in the big girls' yard. Forty girls between the ages of 13-17 were able to move in late February. We were blessed by the help of a team made up of various churches and led by Dr. Don Reynolds, of Red Bank Baptist Church. Not only did this team greatly assist in the construction and preparation of the new girls' dorm, but they also provided medical and dental care and helped out with the school, farm, and general maintenance of the orphanage. 





As we had a break from our regular school-year schedule, the children were able to participate in various recreational activities. Snowbird built two ziplines here at Emmanuel, which the children, volunteers, and staff members have all enjoyed.  With support from various individuals, we are now blessed by a new, larger soccer field, which has been used for several tournaments. First United Methodist Church from Gainesville, GA practiced Rughooking with some of the older girls here. The teenagers were able to learn some entrepreneurship, as their crafts were sold in the States, and each girl received a profit from her projects. Blairsville Baptist Church held a field day and a variety of challenges for the children to compete in, the winners receiving bicycles.  


Salomon and Anayancy

We are happy to announce that two of our own, Anayancy and Salomon Martinez, were married on January 25th, and have begun officially working as staff members here at Emmanuel. Salomon cares for 13-15 year old boys in the Grandecitos house, and also does electrical work here at the orphanage. Anayancy works with the medium girls and the special needs girls, who recently moved to the medium girls' yard. 




Our 2013 school year ended in November, and ten students finished their final year, Segundo Bachillerato. The graduates celebrated with a special evening ceremony and dinner. We are so proud of our youth for their hard work and dedication in completing their education here at Emmanuel. 


This past Christmas, multiple churches, schools, youth groups, and Sunday school classes had the opportunity to participate in our new Christmas Program by committing to send gifts for specific children.  The response to this program was fantastic; every child was blessed by numerous gifts on Christmas day. We were also privileged to have many volunteers, visitors, and team members help by passing out gifts, serving our special Christmas meal, and providing the children with excitement and love.