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Spring Quarterly Newsletter
We have been working on getting our new site,
up and running and it is finally ready.  Check it out.

We are holding some classes at Portland Ballet in Hillsdale on Capital Hwy. during the time until we have our new studio available.

For more information and to sign up for classes   click here.

6840 SW Macadam Ave.
We will be in our new location for the start of Spring term. 

If you are mailing your payment or registration to us before April 1, 2020, please send it to 3903 SW Kelly Ave. Suite 210, Portland OR 97239.

After April 1, 2020 you can send mail to 6840 SW Macadam Ave. Portland, OR 97219
The 8-week spring term will begin on April 6, 2020 at our new location (6840 SW Macadam Ave.). Sign up and pay now to receive the early bird discount. No more credit card fees.

Call now to sign up. 503.223.8157

C lick here to download the spring schedule.

We have added a Chair Yoga class for those with limited mobility on Wednesdays at 9:30am. See the piece below for more information about this new class type. 

We also added a Level 3 class on Wednesdays at 7:00am with Hope.

Click here for the schedule.

We are offering 5 special focus class this spring: Yoga for Hikers, Preparing for Inversions, Yoga for Sleep, Staying out of the Skilled Nursing Facility and Yoga for Travelers.

Pre-registration is required. Enrollment is limited, so don't delay.

Download the flyer here.

We have 4 spring offerings, sign up for a single workshop for $75 or all four as a bundle for $240. The first workshop is Stabilizing Your SI Joints on Saturday, April 18, 2020.

Other topics: Introduction to Pranayama, The Art of Teaching Private Sessions and Yoga for Better Bone Health.

Download the flyer here.

Making Friends with Backbends - How to Overcome Common Challenges. 
Thursday, March 5 & Monday, March 9, 2020.

There is also a Free interview download: What Kind of Body Are You Building?
Click here.

March 20 - 21, 2020
Sunrise Yoga
Clemmons, NC

March 27 - 28, 2020
Health Advantage Yoga
Herndon, VA

May 30 - June 1, 2020
Ashtanga Yoga Paris
Paris, France

June 6 - 7, 2020
K nutsford Iyengar Yoga Centre
Knutsford, ENGLAND
Margaret Carter
A Note from Beth Paxson

Beth Paxson
As the new growth of Spring emerges from the cool ground, drawn out by the gradual lengthening of daylight, inherent purpose and potential is slowly revealed. With the scent of warmed earth and the sparkle of evaporating rain, each ray of light encourages the unfurling of a new petal or leaf.

The optimism of this time of year is coinciding perfectly with the introduction of our new studio at 6840 SW Macadam Ave, which is just down the hill and a bit south of our old space on Kelly Ave. We were drawn to this space for its brilliant light, historical architecture, and the essence of optimism radiating from its core. Our quest for new space is now fulfilled, and we are ready to welcome our community into its new home.

In sequence with the season and a sense of joy and excitement, we 'draw back the layers of winter cover' and let the roots of the Gudmestad Yoga Tradition take hold in the Paxson Yoga Center!

In Deep Gratitude to my Community ~ ~

Beth Paxson

  Chair Yoga Class

Hope's New Chair Yoga Class

Hope Fyfield
This class is designed to address the needs and desires of students who would like to enjoy the benefits of yoga without getting down on the floor. Practice will focus on sitting (chair) and standing poses, with an emphasis on core strength, flexibility, and balance. Relaxation techniques will also be practiced, which help to develop a sense of peace and well-being.

Hope will draw on her years of experience working in the field of rehabilitation, and additional topics will include important information about how to decrease the risk of falls, how to stretch safely, and how to move in pain-free patterns. Hope enjoys working with people who need a little extra attention, and time will be allotted for questions and discussion. Class size will be limited to 12.

Yoga Tip by Julie Gudmestad

Speaking of Chairs...

Chairs can be a mixed blessing in our society. While they allow us to "take a load off our feet", too many of us end up slumping, which contributes to poor posture and associated back and neck pain. That slump also affects our breathing and even our digestion, as it compresses the diaphragm, lungs, and digestive organs.

Chair Chest Opener
Here's a simple way to use your chair for a quick breathing break instead. You'll need a chair that hits your mid-back, around the bottoms of your shoulder blades, when you sit back into it. A metal folding "yoga chair" works great for this, but unfortunately, a chair with wheels probably won't.

Place the back of the chair 6 - 7 inches from the nearest wall, sit down, and slide your butt all the way back. Lean back, so the top of the chair back gives a little lift to your chest, and rest your head on the wall. Let your arms hang freely just behind the chair.

With the chair giving a lift to your chest, your diaphragm is uncompressed and your lungs are open. Take a minute or two to breathe and clear your mind: you can think of it as a mini yoga practice, without having to dig out props or get down on the floor. Just let your mind follow your breath as it rolls up from the lower abdomen toward your collarbones, and flows back down on the exhale. Don't push the breath, let it be soft and smooth. Your break should be relaxing, like watching waves on the beach.

Rental Space Available

Practitioner Rental Space Available 

Do you know someone in the healing arts who is looking for a new home for their practice? Our new space will have two beautiful, light-filled treatment rooms available for practitioners interested in half- or full-time rental. Physical therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, naturopathic physicians, chiropractors, herbalists, and other wellness professionals would be welcome additions to the new Paxson Yoga Center. Call us at 503.223.8157 or email us with questions.

Teacher Training

Early Bird Discount Deadline Approaching

Rachel Lundberg
We are reaching out one more time to remind you that if you are considering the upcoming Alignment Based Yoga Teacher Training at the 200 or 300 hour level being held at Paxson Yoga Center there is still time to receive the early bird registration discount (Just barely.)

You can apply at any time, but the early bird discount runs through Sunday, March 1, 2020. All the program details, dates and pricing are at You can watch an online info session and request a call with Rachel if you have more questions.

This is truly a life transforming program, which will contribute immensely to your life on and off the mat.

I look forward to hearing from you! Again all the details are at

In Light, 
Rachel Lundberg ERYT 500, YACEP, ABYS L2

Anatomy Workshops 

Anatomy Weekend: Foot, Ankle, Knee, Hip
with Julie Gudmestad, PT, E-RYT 500, Cert. Yoga Therapist
Saturday & Sunday, May 2 - 3, 2020 

This weekend workshop is one section of the 5 day intensive. It is an opportunity for those who aren't able to attend the weeklong workshop to study this important information with Julie. This workshop is designed for yoga teachers and students who want to deepen their practice. $250 early bird discount ends April 17, 2020.

Anatomy Awareness in Asana with Julie Gudmestad , PT, E-RYT 500, Cert. Yoga Therapist

August 3 - 7, 2020

Inspire and deepen your yoga practice. During this series we will focus on one area at a time, starting by seeing and feeling bones, joints and muscles. Then we will bring anatomy to life by practicing poses that strengthen and stretch the highlighted muscles. The asana practice will build from easy to more challenging poses. Everyone will be encouraged to work at their own pace, with ample time for questions. Anatomy can be fun!

Closing Thoughts

Hints of spring have arrived! Celebrate your dedication and perseverance through the winter, and know that those roots will keep you grounded. Spring is the time to embrace new beginnings, knowing that you have a stable foundation in your practice.

Amelia Michaels
Gudmestad Yoga Tradition
Paxson Yoga Center