Spring 2019
Child Spotlight: James

Meeting Ivan & James 2010
James' school picture in 2014 
after  he had been rescued

Do you ever need to feel reminded that God is with you and for you?  God showed us in the most detailed way that he hears, sees, is concerned, and reaches down to rescue us just like Exodus 3:7 tells us.  Click on the link below to be encouraged by the story of James!

More Classrooms - Just In Time!
Over 600 Kids in School in 2019

In 2006 when I visited Kyakitanga, most children were not attending school. I found a few kids on a bench under a tree and a government school with no teachers. It was heartbreaking. This year, the children just kept coming at registration time, and for the first time, the number tops 600 between the primary and high school! In an area where 85% of the adults are illiterate, they are beginning to value education, and the community is transforming through its children. We are thankful that a second high school building is almost complete. More classrooms, dormitory space, and teacher housing is needed to allow us to keep our doors open wide to educational opportunity.
Irene's March visit

We are fortunate that our Uganda Country Director, Irene Nakato, was granted a US Visa to travel to us, and were busy making the most of the opportunity! There was time for prayer, planning, training, meeting, sharing, playing, experiencing, teaching, singing, and gathering. Every day of the three weeks was full, but God used it for so much good. We finished tired, but happy. Thank you to everyone who welcomed Irene!

Sharing with students at 
OLL Catholic School

Thanking  Shoreline Rotary  for their   international grant

Discussing Women in Leadership in Africa at Seattle Bible College
Meeting with Days for Girls
Experiencing snow!
Thanking Sound City Bible Church for their support

Come and See

Almost 170 people took their evening to attend our Come and See Event on March 1. We were elated and humbled. We had prayed that we would be able to effectively share what God is doing through HEED and for it to be spiritually encouraging to all who attended. All the technology worked, people came, and the feedback was that it inspired people in their faith. We are thrilled! Thank you to all who attended.

Thank You to These Supporting Businesses

Dr. Kirk Storer

Dr. Storer has been supplying HEED with fluoride varnish and toothbrushes for the children in our schools for many years. A dentist who visited in the April medical outreach remarked at how unusually healthy the kids' teeth were for a "deep rural school." These interventions are making a long-term impact! Thank you, Dr. Storer!

A broken light bulb and a compliment has led to a partnership with Hudson Lighting, a lighting manufacturer who is committed to giving back. This trip we will be carrying their gift of 20 more motion-detector solar lights for night time security for the children and campuses. Thank you, Hudson Lighting!

Join Us in Prayer

"...As you help us by your prayers. Then many will give thanks on our behalf for the gracious favor granted us in answer to the prayers of many."   2 Corinthians 1:11

Answers to prayer:

Pastor Annet with the kids
Serving Together

  • We thank God for Pastor Annet's faithful service in the church and as the school chaplain. She has introduced the Scripture Union and regularly takes kids out to serve in the community.
  • Provision for operations and construction: A second high school building is nearly complete that will provide three more classrooms and temporary dormitory space for the high school girls. Five more teacher houses are under construction so we can hire more teachers for our growing number of students.
  •  For the commitment and integrity of Director Irene and our Ugandan staff.

Prayer requests:

  • For the ministry to effectively disciple and equip the children.
  • Pray for rain. It hasn't rained enough in Mubende District (our area) and the grass is dried, water holes are drying, and animals are even dying. People are suffering. Our school & farm needs water.
  • A small team leaves for Uganda on April 1. We will be focused on human resource initiatives, visioning and planning with the new Village Advisory Committee, researching a Ministry of Education approved Christian curriculum, working on water projects, team building, and a few dozen other things...
  • For spiritually strong, committed school leadership at the primary school, and for Cate, our new high school head teacher, who is leading in a male-dominated environment. All of our female leaders are strong examples to our girls, but they are pushing against traditional stereotypes.
  • We continue to work to get enough water for the school and community. We have been told a new"piped water" source has been installed nearby, and could be extended to the school. We are researching the cost of the construction, the amount of water that would be available and usage fees.  We have also learned of a new technology called Fracture Trace Analysis that is locating water sources where wells failed or produced poorly in the past. It's all very complicated and expensive, and we ask the Lord for wisdom and guidance. We continue to build water catchment systems on every building to harvest as much water as possible.
If you'd like to join our prayer team, please e-mail heeduganda@gmail.com with the subject line "Add me to the prayer group". We would be delighted to have you on our team!

Thank you!

 " W eebale nyo"
in Luganda.

Thank you for equipping us to reach out  in love to children and their families 
in an area n icknamed "unlucky."