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Looking Upstream in Cincinnati
HBCAC Helps Secure Ban on Hydrofracking Waste
Advocating for Safety & Compassion
The Best Kind of "Peer-Pressure"
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The WONDER of It All 
Caring People Making a Difference
HBCAC would like to extend our gratitude to Kelly Paci and Marybeth White, who co-organized a fabulous fundraiser at C WONDER in the Walt Whitman Mall, for the benefit of HBCAC. Over 75 women were invited to this private shopping event and raved about the fantastic crowd and WONDERful shopping. Many thanks again to Kelly and Marybeth and all those who attended, for helping to support their local breast cancer organization!
Join us on Wednesday, July 16th at Stonebridge Country Club in Smithtown for a fabulous Golf Outing to Benefit HBCAC
Click Here for Details!

HBCAC & GNBCC: "Looking Upstream for Environmental Links to Breast Cancer"
Cincinnati Invites Karen Miller & Laura Weinberg to 
Deliver Keynote Speech
Karen and Laura were welcomed as key speakers at the 10th Annual "Looking Upstream for Environmental Links to Breast Cancer" meeting, hosted by UC Cancer Institute, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and Community Breast Cancer Advocates. Their presentation "Community Advocacy: Steps Toward Success" outlined the trials, tribulations & challenges of how to become successful community advocates, while highlighting the satisfaction of success, knowing that community work you do truly makes a difference. Many thanks to Dr. Frank M. Biro, MD, Dr. Susan M. Pinney, PhD, and the entire Cincinnati community!
Healthy "Peer-Pressure"
Huntington High School student Caitlin Knowles promoted health  
and wellness to over 300 peers and staff at her school by providing important information on potential safety concerns of some
personal care products. 
Caitlin Knowles, presenting to peers 
YOUR SUPPORT Enables Us To Continue Serving!  
As a non-profit organization, we rely heavily on support from our community, friends & neighbors. Thanks to the generosity of the Edge Electronics family, HBCAC will once again be the charitable beneficiary of their upcoming golf outing on July 16th. It's organizations like Edge and the hard work and dedication of people like Debbie O'Rourke of the Eventide Group - this year's Honoree -who make all the difference! These fundraising events enable grassroots groups like HBCAC to continue our important work to serve and educate the community about important environmental health issues. Please support HBCAC by attending this wonderful event! Go golfing for a great cause! See the flyer for full details.
HBCAC Helps Secure Ban of Toxic Hydrofracking Waste!
HBCAC testifies before the Suffolk County Legislature   
On April 29th, HBCAC President, Karen Miller, gave strong testimony before the Suffolk County Legislature in support of Bill #1117-2014 (authored by William R. Spencer and co-sponsored by Steve Stern and Sarah Anker) which bans the use and sale of hydrofracking waste. Karen testified about the dangers of the chemicals used in, and resulting from, the process of high-volume hydrofracking. 

Citing scientific based evidence, Karen explained that 25% of the 700+ chemicals used in this process are linked to cancer and 37% are endocrine-disrupting chemicals which have been implicated in cancers of the breast, prostate, pituitary, testicle and ovary. We are happy to report that this bill passed unanimously, and we believe Karen's testimony on behalf of HBCAC and the NYS Breast Cancer Network (NYSBCN) played a crucial role in helping get this bill passed! Just another way HBCAC serves to protect our environment, the community and our families...
Strength in Numbers: NYSBCN Advocacy Day
Focus On: Compassionate Care & Hydrofracking Concerns 
Celebrating our 16th year, HBCAC joined with the 23 other NYS Breast Cancer Network member organizations for our annual NYSBCN Advocacy Day. Together, we developed and presented the groups' position on 2 important issues. First, the Compassionate Care Act which endorses the legal use of medical marijuana for those who live with daily pain from treatments for a variety of illnesses and diseases such as breast cancer. 

Next, in addition to supporting the ban on the use/sale of hydrofracking waste (see article above), NYSBCN furthered their position against hydrofracking by calling for a statewide ban, until a comprehensive assessment of the process can be completed and its long-term health effects proven safe, according to established scientific standards. 

Huntington High Welcomes One of Their Own 
The Best Kind of "Peer-Pressure" 
Caitlin Knowles, our 2013 HBCAC Student and Scientist Environmental Research Scholarship Program (SSERSP) Winner, brought her passion to her peers when she engaged over 300 students to discuss the potential harmful health effects associated with personal care products. 
As part of her overall message promoting good health & wellness, Caitlin explained that many products which students use on a daily basis, such as shampoo, lotion or makeup can contain harmful chemicals. She shared information about these chemicals and explained how they affect us, then provided information about how to read labels and spot potentially harmful ingredients before buying. We applaud Caitlin on her desire and dedication to bring this important message to her peers. Read highlights about her presentation in the Huntington Headlines at:

Breast Cancer & the Environment
Disease Does Not Discriminate (An NIEHS/NCI program)
Environmental health issues concern people of all ages, race, gender and religions. As such, HBCAC & GNBCC were thrilled to partner with the Icahn School of Medicine at 
Mount Sinai in collaboration with the Witness Project in Harlem, NY. This 6-part "Advocates Mentoring Advocates" project brought together an enthusiastic and astute group of multi-cultural women to learn about toxic chemicals found in everyday commonly used products, then learn how they can serve as advocates in their own communities to spread the message of public health to family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. We look forward to hearing more about their growth and success in future endeavors!
Welcome Aboard
New Faces at HBCAC
If you haven't had the opportunity to meet our Director of Communications yet you're in for a treat. Melanie Harris joins our organization bringing with her a strong background in anthropology, Asian studies, and a passion for community. Welcome Melanie!
Know Someone Who "Needs a Hand"? Call HBCAC
"Lend a Helping Hand" Continues to Provide Help for Those Fighting Breast Cancer 
HBCAC continues to offer a program of services for Huntington town residents diagnosed with breast cancer. Services we offer through this program include:
* Food and medical transportation assistance
* Support group resources & professional resource guides
* Emergency breast cancer medication & surgical dressings
* Lymphedema compression garments
* Housecleaning services, stress-reduction (massage, yoga, etc) 
So if you - or any Huntington resident you know - could use a "helping hand", be sure to contact us today. Call us at: 631-547-1518 or email:
Fishful Thinking

One Fish, Two Fish, What's In Your Fish?
One Fish, Two Fish is HBCAC's newest project, focused on collecting, analyzing, and processing information about toxins in fish and the effects they have one people during critical developmental windows, the "Windows of Susceptibility".
Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition Inc. (HBCAC, Inc.) is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit grass roots organization which was founded in 1992. HBCAC is dedicated to the ultimate eradication of breast cancer through education and awareness. Our mission is to focus on prevention methods while actively helping those who are faced with a positive diagnosis.
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