Butch Isensee, CEO of Valley Design in Fountain, believes in giving back to those who have given him a helping hand. That is why he has been supporting SMIF since 1993. “It’s always been my feeling that you guys helped us out so now it’s our turn to help you out, paying it forward,” commented Isensee.

Valley Design, started in 1986 by Isensee and a partner along with their wives, provides table base components to manufacturers throughout the world. The company was launched when they all had full time jobs, so they initially worked evenings and weekends in order to grow the business into what it is today – a multi-million dollar company that employs over 100 team members.

SMIF was there as a lending partner, along with a local financial institution, to support their growth in 1990, 1994 and 1997. Valley Design continues to evolve along with changing technology and has expanded more than 10 times.
Isensee believes in the impact SMIF has on the vitality of the region. “It’s not just one thing you do, it’s not just manufacturing [loans], or early childhood support, it’s the whole thing, all of it,” he said. “It’s important, the work you do, and more people should know about it and support SMIF.”

The generosity of donors like Isensee allows SMIF to increase the vitality of southern Minnesota. Together with your support we can all make a difference in this place we call home.

Consider becoming a donor today.