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FABS meeting, Reading, PA
March 27-28
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March 29, 30, 31  
Assembly - Brazil
April 12, 13, 14
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April 13
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May 4, 5 
Issue 7.06
   March 25, 2019   
Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord!
Today we celebrate the feast of the Annunciation of the Lord. This feast celebrates Mary's fiat, her 'yes' which, through the grace of the Spirit, gifts all humanity with Incarnate Love, Jesus Christ. Throughout all eternity, God desires to dwell with us.
Through Mary's encounter with the Angel Gabriel, she gives her 'yes' to be an instrument of love, the "God-bearer". In Eastern Christianity the title of Mary, Mother of God, is Theotokos.
May this feast of the Annunciation of the Lord remind us that we, too, have received the grace of God and are called to be God-bearers in our life, our words, and our actions. We, in our frail human nature, have the capacity for God to dwell in us and with us.

Franciscan Sisters of Allegany to be Recognized with Prestigious Award

   On April 27, the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany will be presented with the Lourdes Health Foundation Healing Spirit Award. This award, which recognizes individuals who exemplify the Lourdes Medical Center mission and core values of Compassion, Commitment, Integrity, Excellence, and Stewardship, has never before been given to anyone other than a Lourdes physician.
   The Franciscan Sisters of Allegany founded Our Lady of Lourdes hospital in 1950, and remain sponsors of the facility to this day. This special relationship will be celebrated during the Foundation's annual black-tie gala, The Dance. This year's theme is "Havana Nights." The gala is scheduled for 6 p.m. on April 27 at VIE in Philadelphia. More information can be found here
Celebrating National Catholic Sisters Week 
   On Wednesday, March 13, the Motherhouse Sisters gathered in the conference room to celebrate themselves! It was a joyful, spirited gathering with refreshments, raffles, viewing of the movie "Missions of Hope", and a closing prayer service.
   The movie was produced by the National Catholic Sisters Office, and attempted to capture the diversity of religious life in the United States. The focus of diversity was not only on race and ethnicity, but also ministries and charisms. It was outstanding, as was our time together!
   Lest we forget to mention, our new commercial popcorn maker (like the ones in the movie theaters) was initiated. We will get good use out of this "new toy" at assemblies, Chapters, and other large group meetings!
   Deep in discussion about the passions and skills of each Sister in the film are (left to right): Carol Vinci, Rose Bernhardt, Marigene Kennedy and Helen Lodge.

Leadership Meets with AFM

   On Wednesday, March 20, members of the Congregational Leadership; Congregational Treasurer, Chris J Treichel; Regional Minister of Brazil, Marinêz Arantes da Silva; Brazil Region Treasurer, Stella Sabina Cunha; Jamaica Local Minister, Teresita DeSouza; and Jamaica Administrator, Trinita Solnek met with the Members of the Board and Staff of Allegany Franciscan Ministries (AFM).
   Eileen Coogan, AFM President & CEO, described this gathering as a marvelous exchange and interaction with the sisters. Eileen further commented that it was a wonderful opportunity and a privilege to share with and learn from the sisters, and to be reminded of how closely connected AFM is with them in mission and ministry.
   Daniel Gibson, Miami-Dade Regional Vice-President, posted about the meeting on social media - I think speaking for all of us on the staff team: "Knowing that my work is an extension of the prayers, sacrifices, and services offered for over a century by these loving, courageous and funny women is beyond overwhelming. The sisters offered their prayers, endorsed our work to carry on their legacy, and avowed their unequivocal commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion of all members in our community - no person or group overlooked or forgotten. So humbled by my association with these phenomenal women."
   Read more about AFM at

Inter-Franciscan Formation Program 
By: Lucy Cardet OSF
   Once again Franciscan religious gathered for the Inter-Franciscan Formation Program at the Spiritual Life Center of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement (Graymoor) in Garrison, NY. Sr. Liz Schumacher and I joined 60+ women and men in initial formation and their formation ministers for this collaborative program/retreat. Given the number of participants that come from a Spanish-speaking background, an effort is made to be inclusive in the communal prayer and group sharing. Robert Williams, OFM Cap, was the speaker (bilingual). The theme of his presentation was "Developing a Franciscan Imagination - Reading Our Sources with a Modern Medieval Mind". His presentations were informative and engaging, leading to deeper reflection and prayer. In addition to the sessions, the schedule of activities provided opportunities for silence, enjoying the beauty of the area, mutual support, and much good-natured humor.
   As usual, the Graymoor friars and staff made us feel welcome. This time we were addressed by their Minister General, Fr. Brian Terry, SA, who shared the friars' history, charism of unity and reconciliation, and various ministries, such as their live-in ministry with homeless and addicted men at nearby St. Christopher Inn. The cause for canonization of their founder, Fr. Paul Wattson, SA, has been promoted and they now anticipate receiving news of Vatican approval of his beatification. Read more at
   The Franciscan Sisters of the Atonement have their motherhouse on the adjacent property. During our time at Graymoor, they had the First Profession of two women from their mission in the Philippines. One sister is from China; the other is from the Philippines. Indeed a joyous celebration!
   We are grateful for our continued collaboration in this bi-annual Inter-Franciscan Formation Gathering. These days together are a reminder that we are called to be "one" and serve a diverse Church.

Sr. Gladys Sharkey Receives Award
   Sr. Gladys Sharkey was presented with the Roy G. Harrell Jr. Leadership Award at the St. Anthony's Hospital Foundation's Legacy Celebration, February 28. 
   To be eligible for the Roy G. Harrell Jr. award, a nominee
must demonstrate leadership through community service including civic, cultural, economic, charitable, recreational or educational; and one or more of the following attributes: vision, courage, initiative, motivation, selflessness, commitment, dependability, and accomplishment
   Sr. Gladys served as assistant administrator of St. Joseph Hospital, Tampa and as both assistant administrator and administrator of St. Anthony Hospital, St. Petersburg, FL
. She holds a Bachelor's in nursing and a Master's in hospital administration and made her final profession as a member of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany in 1959.  
    Congratulations, Sr. Gladys! 
Associate Retreat
Expand Your Tent, Strangers No Longer

   The Franciscan Sisters of Allegany and Associates invite you to a Day of Reflection.

Expand Your Tent, Strangers No Longer
Saturday, April 27, 2019
9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
St. Elizabeth Motherhouse
115 East Main Street
Allegany, NY 14770
Cost: $10, includes lunch.
Registration begins at 8:45 a.m.

   During this retreat, we will discuss what it means to be intercultural and how to build bridges and live in harmony. For more information, contact Marlene Eaton at or 814-225-4521.

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