First Quarter 2016 / Spring              

Dealer President's Message

James Davis
CMDA President
2016 - 2017

Drive, Determination & Dedication to the next Dealer Generation 

  Dear CMDA Members:

     I am honored to be the 16th Dealer President of the Chrysler Minority Dealers Association during the celebration of our 30th Anniversary.  We stand on the shoulders of business people and sales persons who overcame many obstacles to operate businesses, obtain franchise sales agreements, and contribute economically to their communities. We do not forget their struggle or take it for granted.  We intend to work even harder to continue to build strong businesses for our families and communities.

     My contact information is listed below and I want your input, advice and teamwork.  I  will continue the Association's mission to  grow the number of minority-owned dealerships and to assist our dealers.  My goals include: improving communication among members, increasing our face to face interactions with FCA leaders in Detroit and globally, encouraging members to participate in our meetings and activities, and advocating for the institution of a new FCA minority investment / dealer development program (MID).  Many of us would not be dealers had it not been for Chrysler's MID program.     
     I would like to thank our outgoing officers and board members, including Jerry Dillard (Park/Fitzgerald Auto Mall, MD) and Paul Antepara (Champion CJD, CA), for their time and efforts on behalf of the Association.  We are especially grateful to outgoing President Damian Mills (Stateline CJD, Stateline Fiat, Classic CJD, NC/SC) for his leadership and service and Alfred Flores (Mid-County CJD and Alfa Romeo, Houston, TX) for his service as First Vice President and CMDA Representative to the FCA National Dealer Council.

     Please contact me if I  can ever be of assistance to you.    
                                                                                                                   James Davis 
CMDA Dealer President  
Gulfgate CJD, Texas 
office (281) 477-6767 
cell (832) 473-1747 


Dear CMDA Members,   
       This year, as the Chrysler Minority Dealers Association marks its 30th Anniversary, we remain committed to our mission: To promote the growth, development and welfare of ethnic minority-owned dealerships.  Notably, 2015 was a tremendous year for car sales, and the first quarter of 2016 also set records. Congratulations to our members and the FCA team for 72 months of consecutive sales growth.  Through our partnership with the global leader FCA, we can take advantage of these positive economic times, move the minority ownership numbers forward and, accomplish great things in the diversity space.

     The Association held its Annual Business Meeting on March 31, 2016, in Las Vegas, during the NADA Convention and included educational workshops and industry presentations.  We also elected new officers and board members for the next two-year term including Dealer President James Davis (Gulfgate CJD, Houston, Texas).  The Board has a full agenda this year of programs, services, and communication platforms for CMDA members.  We  encourage our members to bring their minority general managers and next generation children to our meetings to grow the pool of talent in the dealer network.

     Some say diversity is counting people, but we say inclusion is when you make people count. CMDA  promotes the growth of proportionate ethnic diversity and our goal is for the dealer network to reflect the composition of America's total minority population, which is 15% and growing. We are inspired by our founding dealers to continue building upon their work and create opportunities for those who follow us. 
Best regards,
                                         Lisa B. Hogan, Esquire
CMDA Executive Director & CEO
(305) 913-1328
CMDA Annual Meeting & 30th Anniversary Banquet
The Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas, NV, March 2016
CMDA Welcome Reception Hosted by Ally Financial

CMDA 30th Anniversary Reception

CMDA 30th Anniversary Dinner Banquet
CMDA Dinner Banquet Keynote Speaker NBA Legend, Writer
& U.S. Cultural Ambassador Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

CMDA Endowment Check Presentation to Northwood University for Minority Automotive Education Scholarships
* * *
Photographs with a NBA Legend 
Photographs courtesy of Elite Photography Group and A.G. Rodriguez


Highlights from the 2016 Annual Meeting 


  • CMDA members elected new officers and members of the  Board of Directors for the 2016-2017 term. Congratulations to the new board (listed in the top right panel of this newsletter).  During the  Dealer Roundtable , members discussed dealership  operations, recall impacts, extra inventory (count) shipped to dealerships, new products, best practices tips, and diversity programs. Members also reviewed the FCA National Dealer Council Summary Report and raised additional items for future NDC meetings.
  • NADA Academy Instructor Tom Carney presented an excellent seminar on Dealership Vehicle Inventory Management/Allocation.

  • More than 20 CMDA members participated in a two hour  CMDA Composite Session facilitated by Betsi Bellamy, a NADA Dealership Management Consultant.  The insights and best practices highlighted during the session were extremely beneficial. 
  • Platinum Sponsor Ally Financial hosted the Wednesday night Welcome Luncheon at the chic penthouse SkyFall Lounge.  Ally Financial Vice President Mark Manzo presented an informative business update during the meeting. Please contact CMDA Headquarters for copies of the presentation. Ally's team which included Erin Klepaski and Katina Funches, also provided several leading-edge high-tech bluetooth devices as gifts to CMDA members to commemorate the 30th Anniversary Celebration.
  • Gold Sponsor representatives Demetrios Lahiri of American Financial & Automotive ServicesBrian De Leo of  Chrysler Capital, and Todd Gundersun of NextGear/Cox Automotive gave informative presentations during the meeting's breakfast session on Thursday. 
  • Al Gardner, Head of Network for FCA North America served as the Business Meeting's Guest Speaker and presented a detailed and thorough update of the Network Department's nationwide franchise placement plans, Jeep stores, diversity goals, new vehicle roll-outs, and customer satisfaction initiatives. Al also introduced the new Dealer Network Development / Diversity Team: Paul Signorello, Director of U.S. Market Representation; Bashar Cholagh, Sr. Manager of Market Representation, Investments and Diversity Dealer Development (248) 512-1978  (;  and Marcus Foreman, Manager Network Diversity & Dealer Development (248) 512-1990 (
  • To commemorate our 30th Anniversary, CMDA presented Northwood University's Senior Advancement Director Warren Mault with an Endowment Check of  $60,000 to permanently fund the Jesse Jones, Joe Shady, and Jack C. Hart/Cecil Ward Scholarships for minority students. CMDA has donated $1.2 million to the University since 1986 to date excluding the anniversary endowment check. 
  • During the CMDA Dinner Banquet, Next Generation representatives Augustina Rodriguez Gunn and Eddie Hall, III paid tribute to their parents, CMDA founders and past and present members by leading the audience in an anniversary champagne toast.  They did a great job and the future is clearly in good hands.
  • The CMDA Dinner Banquet Keynote Speaker was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, NBA Legend and all time leading scorer, writer and U.S. Cultural Ambassador. His speech was thoughtful and addressed the principles and practices of teamwork, raising children of successful people, and finding your passion at different stages of life and career transitions. We have received positive comments from all of our members and guests regarding his presentation, including requests for copies of the many photos he took with attendees. CMDA Headquarters will distribute those photos via email this week.
  • At the conclusion of the CMDA Dinner Banquet, FCA presented several FCA Dealer Performance Awards. Congratulations to the following CMDA Members:
    •  Tony Blake, Tyson Motor Corporation for Metro Sales Volume Leader
    • Frank Williams/Bob Johnson, Landers McLarty CJDR for Non Metro Sales Volume Leader
    • Jack Hodge, James Hodge CDJR for Non Metro Sales Growth Leader
    • David Johnson, Johnson Alfa Romeo FIAT for FIAT Sales Growth Leader
    • Carl Galeana, Lakeside Alfa Romeo FIAT for CEI Customer Advocacy Service

CMDA 2016 Summer Community Programs 

CMDA "Dealer for a Day" Mentoring Program  
Please sign up your dealership - You and the kids will have a great time!

Following up on the success of last year's Dealer For a Day Mentoring Program, we will repeat this community initiative this June and August. CMDA will cover all of the expenses, handle all logistics and communication with your local Boys & Girls Club and provide all of the materials.  Member dealers are asked to host 10-15 kids for one day from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm during which time you will give them a tour of your facilities, show them the different careers within the dealership, have lunch with them in your conference room, and discuss your path to success and entrepreneurship. 

Members - Please contact CMDA Headquarters at (305) 913-1328 or if you are interested in participating this year.

Local teens visiting Stateline Chrysler Jeep Dodge in South Carolina in 2015

CMDA Minority Service Technician  
Summer Internship Program

CMDA is assisting minority students attending automotive repair and certification schools with finding internship positions at dealerships during the summer. This is a great opportunity to assist minority youth and encourage vocational education and careers for deserving young people. 

If your dealership would like to hire a minority technician this summer, please contact CMDA Headquarters at or (305) 913-1328.   


Welcome New Members

John Stelly

SEASIDE CDJ (California)  
Inder Dosanjh

SEASIDE FIAT (California)  
Inder Dosanjh

Member Spotlight - Brian Kitagawa

President - Hawaii Automobile Dealers Association

CMDA Treasurer 
Brian Kitagawa  (Kamaaina Motors and Kona Auto Center, Hawaii) has been elected  President of the Hawaii Automobile Dealers Association .  Brian is the President of I. Kitagawa & Co, which includes the automotive business founded more than 100 years ago by his great grandfather who immigrated from Yamaguchi Ken in Japan to Hawaii in 1904. Congratulations on your election Brian! 

NAMAD Dues - Duplicate Billing issue

On February 23, 2016, CMDA submitted the 2016 dues to NAMAD on behalf of our members. However, our members have reported that NAMAD is still invoicing them for all of their stores. The invoices are being sent directly to the stores and often one store does not know that another store has already paid the invoice. Moreover, the dealers are not aware that multiple stores are being billed.  
One of the benefits of CMDA Membership is that the Association will pay a member dealer's $500 annual membership dues to NAMAD on a per dealer principal basis.  Most CMDA dealers have expressed a desire to only pay NAMAD dues on a per dealer basis, not a per dealership/rooftop basis, regardless of the number and variety of franchises a dealer may own.  Many members of FMMDA and GMMDA have expressed the same desire and the line groups coordinate among each other to avoid duplication.  
 Of course, if a dealer wishes to individually pay $500 dues to NAMAD for each store they own, that is their personal choice.  However, CMDA will not pay NAMAD dues for members who have already paid dues to NAMAD for FCA or any other franchises they own.

CMDA is working with NAMAD's Senior Leadership to address the issue. As more transparency is incorporated into the billing & collection of NAMAD dues, perhaps there could also be an opt-in provision on the invoices submitted to the line groups and dealers where dealers could give permission in writing if they would like all of their multiple stores billed and those stores not be billed in the absence of that written permission. Please contact CMDA at  if you have any questions or receive multiple/duplicate billings from NAMAD during the remainder of this year.  

2016 Membership Benefits

Save the Date - CMDA Summer Meeting
September 2016 - to be determined

British Columbia? 
Nappa Valley? 
2016 - 2017
Board of Directors:

Davis President

Ray Fregia
First Vice President

Jay Gill
Second Vice President

Brian Kitagawa

John Gillilan

Lisa Hogan
Executive Director & CEO 

Damian Mills, Past President

Evelyn Chatel

Alex Hwang

Gene Johnson

Gus Rodriguez

Tyrone Williams 


Committee Chairs & Appointments


Private Cap & NDC
James Davis
Ray Fregia
Gus Rodriguez
Brian Kitagawa
Next Generation Liaison
Jennifer Camacho

Business Center Liaisons
Denver & West
Tyrone Williams
Alex Hwang
Southwest & Midwest
Gene Johnson
Great Lakes & Southeast
Jerry Dillard
Mid Atlantic & Northeast
John Gillilan

CMDA Headquarters

Lisa B. Hogan, Esquire
 Executive Director & CEO
Chrysler Minority Dealers Association 

Telephone: (305) 913-1328           
Facsimile:   (305) 913-1301





  Thank You,  
 2016 Annual
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Anniversary Sponsors


Open Point Notices - FCA

To obtain information on future FCA points, please contact the Network Managers and Business Placement Managers on the attached Directory.

Open Point Notices - Other OEMs

  CMDA pays the NAMAD dues for CMDA members in January. NAMAD periodically distributes open point notices from other manufacturers. Please contact CMDA Headquarters if you have not received email notices from NAMAD this year regarding these open points.


2016 Calendar

-North American Car Show

-Black History Month

-National Dealer Council Meeting
-CMDA 2016 Annual Meeting/NADA Las Vegas

-CMDA 1Q Board Meeting

 -CMDA Board Meeting with FCA in Detroit
-Asian Pacific American Month

- CMDA Dealer for A Day Program
- CMDA Minority Technician Internship Program

-NAMAD Annual Conference
-CMDA Members Brunch at the NAMAD Annual Conference
- CMDA Minority Technician Internship Program
- CMDA 2Q Board Meeting 

-National Dealer Council Meeting
- CMDA Dealer for A Day Program
- CMDA Minority Technician Internship Program

- CMDA Summer Meeting
- NADA Washington Conference
-Annual Congressional Black Caucus Reception
-Annual Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Reception
-National Hispanic Heritage Month

-CMDA 3Q Board Meeting
-CMDA Webinar

-National American Indian Heritage Month
-Los Angeles Car Show  
- Deadline to turn in CMDA training reimbursement requests  

 -National Dealer Council Meeting 
-  Deadline to turn in CMDA advertising & local community support reimbursement requests 
- CMDA 4Q Board Meeting


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