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Spring Newsletter, 2017

Congratulations, you are on the homestretch of completing another school year and summer is just around the corner.  We know that parenting is not for the faint of heart and we commend  you for being your child's champion and greatest advocate!  

We encourage you to THANK a teacher, a coach, an administrator, a school board member, superintendent or other staff member who resolutely supported YOUR parental rights this year. Perhaps send an email, make a brief phone call or have a direct conversation.  It really helps spur them on. 

Busy school district officials will often rubber stamp what the Oregon Department of Education, the Oregon Health Authority and others entities say "must be implemented" (ie: policy, curriculum, training, programs). Fortunately, there are school board members and superintendents around the state who carefully evaluate the validity, educational merit and financial impact their decisions have on the students in their care and the families that they serve. Thank those who stand with you.  Encourage them to remain resolute.   Make a plan to connect with them again in the Fall.    Learn  all you can about a current issue that you care about, plan to i nform your district leaders about it and set out to find what  you (and others) could do about it.  You can really have an impact!

Will Vasectomies Be Coming To Your School-Based Health Center Soon?

(Source:  Whacked For Wildlife.org)

Once again the ubiquitous Planned Parenthood is on the offense, skulking the halls of our state house and backing legislation that would allow nurse practitioners to perform vasectomies.  Oregon 
House Bill 2103  has already passed the house and is on its way to the senate.  In 2015 Planned Parenthood promoted House Bill 2678, same bill different number, fortunately enough senators did not look favorably upon this bill and it died...a deserved death.  
Parents need to understand that any type of contraceptive care can be accessed by their child at any age in Oregon without parental knowledge or consent.  A vasectomy is considered contraceptive care! Will school-based health clinics be performing vasectomies?

Imagine your child is being taught that the world is becoming over-populated and we are killing all the helpless animals and his teacher asks him; Johnnie, how can you help save the planet?   Or, how can you help save all the innocent animals that will die? Johnnie, you can make a difference however small. It's quite simple in the eyes of the loathsome Planned Parenthood...have a vasectomy and you won't even miss a day of school and you will be helping to save the planet at the same time.

What Happened to DARE

Do you remember the DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program in the 1980's?  It was created by the Los Angeles Police Department and presented to students in elementary public schools. There was a big push for students to "just say no" to drugs.  Students were given t-shirts with the DARE logo on it, and bumper stickers adorned cars across the country.  

Problem was the program taught students all about the buffet of illicit and dangerous drugs.  Instead of turning them away from drugs, children became curious. What a surprise... drug use went up as these children became teens.

Fast forward to comprehensive sexuality grooming education.  In 2015 the state of Oregon received a perfect  score on " The Population Institute's 2015 report card on reproductive health and  rights for its comprehensive sexuality grooming education program."   We are teaching children in the public schools every conceivable way to have sex,  sex with the same sex or opposite sex partners, how to pleasure each other, anal and oral sex, how to make a dental dam, if it feels right..."just do it"!   Comprehensive sexuality grooming education is teaching minors that they can decide if they prefer to be a boy or girl and that gender is a fickled construct and one can be both boy and girl.   This dangerous ideology is being presented as valid in health classes across Oregon using the form of the Gender Unicorn, Gender Bread Person and gender fluidity.  Ever present in these presentations is the ubiquitous Planned Parenthood, skulking the halls in the apparent search of more customers.  Why does Planned Parenthood have such easy access to Oregon's K-12 schools and our children`?

School-Based Health Clinics, Human Papillomarvirus (HPV), and
HPV is a sexually transmitted disease that is passed by vaginal, anal or oral sex.  According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) "nearly all men and women get it at some point in their life."  The CDC also states that in most cases "HPV goes away on its own within two years."  When it does not go away, it can cause cancer of the cervix, vagina and vulva in women, cancer of the penis in men, cancer of the anus and back of throat in both men and women.

The pharmaceutical industry developed the HPV vaccine, such as Gardasil, in order to help prevent cancers that results from the HPV virus.  The CDC also recommends that all boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 12 be vaccinated against possible future cancers...but should they?

There is considerable controversy around the efficacy of the HPV vaccine, such as Gardasil, that is currently being used to inoculate children against HPV in school-based health clinics, along with some pretty dangerous side effects.   The American College of Pediatricians warns of the dangers of the Gardasil vaccine.   Dr. Kelly Brogan states that "none of the HPV vaccines have been proven to prevent a single case of cervical cancer."   In 2016  Japan's  medical researchers issued a warning about the HPV side effects.  Since July 2016, 119 girls and women in Japan have filed lawsuits against two manufacturers of the vaccine.  Spain has filed 'criminal complaints' against Merck Laboratories.   In a 2015 article, Sweden tried to 'cover-up' the side effects of the HPV vaccine.  Locally, on February 28, 2017, Dr. Paul Thomas posted on his Facebook site that a 16 year-old patient of his experienced loss of mental awareness and lost memory for an entire day.  Turns out his patient received  two HPV vaccines at Oregon's Tigard High School-Based Health Clinic when she was 15 years-old without her parents knowledge or consent.

Is This Really Happening?
CDC and Syphilis

On March 17, 2017, according to the Center for Disease Control there is a return of that once curable venereal disease, syphilis.  It crosses all age, socio economic, race and ethic boundaries.   April was STD Awareness Month and the theme was  Syphilis Strikes Back. The syphilis rates are the highest they've been in 20 years and there is a new " antibiotic resistant, pandemic syphilis strain identified" .  Half of all new cases are between 15 and 24 years of age.

Can we extrapolate that in 10 years, much like the DARE Program where drug use, point in fact, increased when students in elementary school reached their teens, that there will be a corresponding epidemic of syphilis and other venereal diseases?  Maybe.  The Dare Program quietly disappeared.  Will comprehensive sexuality grooming education quietly disappear?  Not a chance...there's too much big money and control over the lives of your children, besides where do you think Planned Parenthoods trolls for their recruits and customers. 

Straight Pride Not Allowed in Public School

Apparently exercising ones free speech right is not allowed if you happen to be straight. It would appear that only gay pride posters are tolerated at Jasper High School in Jasper, Indiana.

In March, 2017,  an unidentified student posted "Straight Pride" posters throughout his high school stating: "Celebrate being straight at JHS by not annoying the heck out of everyone about your sexual orientation..."  It would seem that the politically correct Superintendent Tracy Lorey doesn't appreciate a student's creative expression when it conflicts with the gay pride community in the school.  The student was eventually identified, it's unclear whether this student was given twenty lashes for his temerity.

There's that old double standard that we hear so much about today.  It would seem that what is good for one group should be good for all groups.  Sadly, I'm afraid that's not the way it's rolling when it comes to homosexuality in many public schools...only one voice is tolerated.
Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino

Was the naming of the Starbucks drink an accident, coincidence or intentional?   The cup is a swirl of pink and blue and, as we know, historically blue signifies boys and pink indicates girls.  So a swirl of pink and blue is inclusive.   The ' Gender Unicorn'  for example, is a symbol that is being taught in classrooms around the country for students to identify one's internal sense of self.  If your internal sense of self says you are a boy today, perhaps tomorrow your internal message will be that you feel like a girl.

Apparently, Starbucks plans to create more excitement around their "Frappuccino Happy Hour". 

  "Toni the Tampon" Teaches Children Men Can Menstruate Too!

The Adventures of Toni the Tampon by Cass Clemmer, is a coloring book character who wishes to 'de-stigmatize menstruation' and indoctrinate innocent young children into believing males really do ovulate! The world is going cuckoo.

More indoctrination to blur the lines between boys and girls.  Will Toni the Tampon be coming to your school soon?  If this or similar concepts are being used at your child's school, ask for the hard science that backs it up.  This should be readily available.

The World's First Transgender Doll to go on Sale This Summer

This doll is based on the life and times of Jazz Jennings, a 16 year old transgender.   Will this plant the idea, in the minds of vulnerable minors, to seek out puberty blockers, hormone replacement therapy or getting a sex change operation?   Is this safe for  our children?

Of course, this begs the questions, if the doll is anatomically correct, how does one know it's transgender?

Will This Book be Coming to Your Public School Library?

         To find out, contact your school librarian.
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