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Pets Are Inn                                              April, 2016

Spring is definitely here!  Hard to believe that this past weekend consisted of two 80 degree days along with sunshine.  Hopefully spring showers will bring May flowers!

It has been a difficult spring for Jim and I as our beloved Miniature Schnauzer, Amy,  succumbed to lymphoma on March 25th.  As every pet parent knows it is so hard to say goodbye.  The Staff at the Affiliated Emergency Vet Service in Eden Prairie were wonderful and Bob Dalton at MN Pet Cremation was so caring and kind. Our little Cantel, Roxie has also been mourning so we often bring her to the office for a part of the day so she is not alone as much.  Speaking of Roxie, she has been diagnosed with diabetes so we are starting the regime of twice daily insulin shots!  Yes we do love all our fur babies whether they are ours or yours.

Sarah and I are gearing up for Memorial Day and summer vacation reservations.  It is best to  book now so that we ensure your favorite host is available to care for your pet!

Hope your spring is wonderful and we look forward to seeing you around the lakes and sidewalks this summer.


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May 25 - June 1
(NO DRIVING on Memorial Day, May 30)
-It's never too early to book Summer getaways!-
Cocoa Bean Mulch
Many home-owners are using cocoa bean mulch in lieu of wood mulch because it has a longer shelf life and it is very attractive. Dogs are attracted to the chocolate scent of cocoa bean mulch and are very likely to eat it.   If ingested, cocoa mulch can cause your dog to tremble and vomit. If a large amount is consumed, dogs can become hyperactive and have a rapid heart rate, seizures, and diarrhea. While unlikely, the consumption of cocoa bean mulch can be fatal to dogs, and there have been cases locally of dogs dying due to ingesting this mulch. It can also be harmful to cats (although they are less likely to be attracted to the chocolate aroma) and other wildlife as well.
Flea and Tick Season is Here!
After the long, wet winter, hopefully spring is here and the warm summer days are not far behind. But with warmer weather come those pesky fleas and ticks!

When you board your pet with us, we request that your pet be treated with a topical flea preventative starting in spring all the way through our first heavy frost.

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Pet(s) of the Month: Eddie and Finnegan
Finnegan (top) and Eddie (bottom) are two Newfoundlands who definitely are bigger than they look in these pictures - at about 120 pounds each! Finn is a year and a half and is a very friendly and playful guy. Ed is the older brother at 4 years old and is sweet and mellow. They enjoy walks and being outside, and of course will take up your entire living room! We board a lot of small dogs here at Pets Are Inn, but these guys are definitely a couple of the biggest dogs we care for, and they really are a treat!    
Transportation Schedule
Mark Your Calendar: Upcoming Holidays
May 8 - Mother's Day
May 25 - June 1 - Memorial Weekend Peak Season
May 30 - Memorial Day***
June 19 - Father's Day
June 20 - First Day of Summer
June 20 - September 7 - Summer Peak Season

Peak Season at Pets Are Inn (deposit required for reservations and high season cancellation policy in effect)
*** There will be no transporting of pets on these days  
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Customer Referrals
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