Spring Newsletter 2020
May 29, 2020
A final look at Mental Health Awareness Month
COVID 19 and it's affects on mental health

Aldea Family Wellness support line , the agency’s bilingual behavioral health brief intervention, information and referral service, launched in April, offers help to parents and guardians who are dealing with their children’s anxiety and worry related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Napa and Solano County residents can call bilingual Spanish/English staff 707-543-1152 for free, confidential support.

Many residents are experiencing a compounding of situations including job loss, financial stress, dealing with schooling at home for the first time and existing mental health issues that have been exasperated by the COVID 19 crisis.
Two Ears and One Heart Saving a Life
This Goalcast video captures the moving story of how Kevin Briggs, California Highway Potralman talked Kevin Berthia out of taking his life while standing on the edge of the Golden Gate Bridge. Kevin Briggs, known as the 'Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge' has spent the last two decades talking people down from the edge of despair. This is the story of how two ears and one heart saved a man named Kevin Berthia.

We are so proud of Kevin Berthia and his courage to keep telling his story as a suicide survivor. The footage of him speaking was from our Courage Village Suicide Prevention Conference in 2018 where Kevin Berthia was the keynote speaker. We also had the pleasure of having Kevin Briggs as the key note speaker for our 2017 Courage Village Suicide Prevention Conference! So proud of them both for continuing to share their story.
Your Donations Improved Lives & Created Bright Futures!
This National Mental Health Month you made an impact in our community! Thank you so much to those that shared and made a contribution to Aldea's GoFundMe campaign on May 5, GivingTuesday! With your help, Aldea will be able to continue walking with young people on their journey to healing, providing the care that brings both short term comfort and long-term resilience.

Th ank you so much for your continued support!
Teens Tell You The Truth
Aldea's new Teens Tell You The Truth campaign is funded by a grant from Partnership Health Plan (PHP) of California. The YOR Grant which means Youth Opiod Response is targeting community outreach strategies to reach youth struggling with mental health and addiction issues.

This is a youth led program to reach teens in our community and listen to their needs.

Look for our next newsletter for more details of the campaign.

Aldea is the essential community partner for children and families in
We believe that in a family’s most critical moments, the company of a
trusted professional can mean the difference between strength and
Every day, our expert staff walks with young people on their journey to
healing, providing the care that brings both short term comfort and
long-term resilience.
Because with a community of support, they discover their own ability to
create a new life, one moment at a time.
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