Spring 2020 Newsletter
Hello, from Generations!

We'd like to start by thanking you for the work you're doing in your communities. We're dedicated to bringing you the technology and support needed to continue delivering safe homecare during this pandemic. Homecare is an essential part of the care continuum and the response to COVID-19. We are honored to be a technology partner of the industry.
COVID-19 Resource Center: Information on COVID-19 specific tools in Generations and other resources. Check it out here.

New Tools: Caregiver Screening and Document Management. Visit the Generations blog for additional information on new tools.

Customer Success Webinars: Users of Generations are invited to attend a webinar series. Twice a month, Customer Success Managers will provide an in depth look at features in Generations. Keep an eye on your inboxes for the invitation, or reach us via LiveChat.
New Tools to Protect Clients and Caregivers
Getting your teams the tools needed to respond to COVID-19 has been a top priority. We put together a webinar reviewing the ways to leverage existing tools in Generations. The  Coordinating Care During COVID-19 Webinar can be viewed here. In addition to the features highlighted in the webinar, we've added even more tools to help you and your care team:
Document Management, check out this blog post for details.
  • Document Management allows providers to securely and conveniently store and share essential documents with the entire care team, including caregivers and recipients of care.
Caregiver Screening, visit this blog post for details.
  • Caregiver Screening is the newest addition to the suite of tools in Generations, designed to help care teams stay safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. Caregiver Screening should be used in conjunction with Secure Messaging for ensuring clients and caregivers are protected. More information on using Secure Messaging can be found here.  
To see the tools in action, schedule a demonstration with a Generations Homecare Solutions Advisor.
EVV Solutions
We are committed to supporting agencies in all 50 states across the United States in meeting the new Medicaid billing requirements.
Pennsylvania and Rhode Island are among the newest state specific interfaces added to Generations. We are regularly adding to the list of state interfaces so please reach out for a status of the billing interface for your own state.

Generations EVV is essential for tracking the delivery of quality care, in real time. With Generations EVV your team will:
  • Improve care plan compliance and care outcomes
  • Simplify reimbursement
  • Meet your state's Medicaid EVV requirements
 Word on the Web
Generations includes essential tools  care teams need to stay safe while delivering quality care. We've put together a COVID-19 Resource Center, highlighting all of the features in Generations that will help you coordinate care during this pandemic. With Generations your team will:
  • Communicate efficiently and securely
  • Protect caregivers and recipients of care
  • Ensure quality care is delivered
  • Deliver family-centered care
For more information on using Generations to coordinate care during COVID-19, visit the new Resource Center.
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