This Spring will complete our first year of the Trinity Scholars Program. We are excited to announce that scholarships of up to $10,000 per student will be awarded in the 2019-20 academic year. On top of the generous scholarship the program takes a holistic approach in addressing student success. Scholars are not only awarded scholarships to assist with tuition but are also given the opportunity to take vocational assessments and receive one on one coaching. This resource is designed to meet the needs of each individual student and grow with the student’s experience and development. For example, coaches will start with time management for Freshman and Sophomore students transitioning into career path and development by their Junior and Senior years.

Trinity Lutheran College alumnus, Nathan Samayo found coaching extremely beneficial. Nathan is serving his second term as Seattle Pacific University’s class president, is on the Leadership teams of two different churches, and works in admissions assisting transfer students. Through his coaching and self-discovery Nathan has realized he is called to graduate school and to pursue Seminary and Law. Nathan hopes to return to his community to help others through social justice work and community building.

“My Coach supports me not only in discussing how to use my greatest strengths, but also discovering how I can lean on others who are stronger in my areas of weakness, and ultimately collaborate to achieve a common goal.” ~Nathan Samayo

This Fall Cassie La Brake will complete her student teacher internship and graduate from Saint Martin’s University with a degree in Education. Cassie plans to teach Primary Education in grades Kindergarten through 2 nd grade. Cassie is also planning a wedding to fellow TLC alumnus Corbin Ferry. Congratulations Cassie and Corbin!

“I was pretty skeptical about receiving coaching, but I really enjoyed having someone to talk to about life, classes, and career preparation. My coach helped a lot with my student teaching applications.” ~Cassie La Brake

John Irungu will graduate this coming fall from Northwest University with a degree in Business Sales, Marketing, Leadership, and Management. This Spring John is launching his own company Joe Marketing, Inc. a digital marketing firm. He has long dreamed of this and was so excited to have the coaching for guidance and confidence. 

“It was awesome to have someone that could give both business and spiritual guidance. My coach is easy to talk to and has referred me to different resources and books that have been integral to my success” ~John Irungu

Coaching and vocational exploration helps students discover their God given talents, identify how to develop those talents, and maintain focus and direction through their college experience. The Trinity Scholars Program remains committed to the development of the whole student through financial support, vocational assessment/identity, and coaching. Studies have found that students receiving mentorship/coaching have a 10 to 15% percent higher chance of completing their degree program. (Bettinger & Baker, 2011)