Order your early season farm fresh food from Breen Mesa Farm Creamery!
Thank your for purchasing our goat milk products at the Telluride farmers market last summer !
We have started our spring kidding season and have been turning our nannies' nutritious goat milk into fresh chevre and ricotta cheese, and our European- style, gluten free, lemony
goat ricotta cheesecake.
Our cheese is packaged in 10 oz tubs, which you can freeze for later use.
You can choose from the following:
  • Fresh Chevre
  • Ricotta
  • Italian
  • La Provence
  • Roasted Garlic/ Rosemary
  • Red Hot Chili
  • Roasted Green Chili
  • Chipotle
  • Cajun
  • Green Olive
Cheese price per tub is $20, cheese cake slices $5.
Goat kefir is available in plain or strawberry flavor in quart size for $15 each (as long as you return our jugs we will not charge extra $2 for them.)
Place your whole lamb order!
Our Navajo Churro lambs are ready for butcher. We are selling them as custom wholes only, cut and wrapped at a local butcher, and they are first come first serve.
They have been raised holistically as true pasture raised, grass-only-fed, non vaccinated, and organically dewormed.
The cost is $12 per pound hanging weight* plus $100 butcher, wrapping,
cutting, packaging fee.

*after skinning and evisceration, the percentage of the hanging weight that remains is called the “carcass cutting yield” and it is generally around 75% of hanging weight on lamb.

Orders must be prepaid by Square
For your convenience we partnered up with our neighboring farms to offer you a complex food package. When you order from Jake's Farm, Horvath Honey, Botanical Companions we can deliver your order together with your Breen Mesa Farm order. You must place your order and prepay with each entity separately.
Special offer: order from Jacke's Farm , Horvath Honey

We have eggs, meat, home made canned goods, lettuce, arugula, kale, micro greens and local honey!

Keep healthy! Eat local, farm fresh, nutritious Foods! Be proud to support your local farmers!