Newsletter #3  | Spring 2017

Spring 2017 Newsletter
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(April 23 - June 25)

CAMBRIDGE, Danehy Park -  Mon & Wed 6:00-7:00pm
LEXINGTON Center Track -  Sundays 10:00-11:0am
CONCORD, Emerson Field Track -  Sundays 11:30-12:30pm
* Occasional trail runs on Battle Road Trail in Lincoln/Concord

(April 23 - June 25)

BOYLSTON, Tahanto Reg. HS Track -  Sundays 1:30-2:30pm
* Occasional trail runs
**Potential additional weeknight practice

(May 6 - June 24)

Location TBD (Peabody HS or Lynnfield MS) -  Saturdays 10:00-11:00am

* Season will end with our first fundraiser road race *

Converge Road Race
Concord, Ma

Saturday, June 24


Indoor Track

Indoor Track Team Meet - March 26

45 Verge team members came out to wrap up our indoor track season on March 26, participating in the 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, Turbo jav, Shot Put, Softball Throw, and Standing Long Jump. It was so much fun and I'm immensely proud of everyone!

From the very first "Go!" they were swept up in the excitement of cheering each other on and giving their best efforts! The amazing thing about meets is that not only are they an awesome opportunity to bring together the incredible diverse group we have and for them to show off their individual strengths, but that even those who are hard to motivate in practice can't help but get excited and run like their feet are on fire, with smiles on their faces, and some competitive grit. It's a joyous thing to witness and be part of. 

The meet ended with a ribbon award ceremony - ribbons to all for each event they did with results recorded, including 1st, 2nd, 3rd for each track event heat and field event.   Additional 2016 special award medals going to Makai Yerkes (BARRIERS AWARD for committing to believing in himself and facing and overcoming personal and athletic challenges), Will Gannon (CONNECTIONS AWARD for his social growth and incredible team spirit he displayed in supporting his teammates consistently at practices), and Tyler Buckley (THRESHOLD AWARD for most improved athletically, and developing much independence).  

These three guys are some of the original crew who started with us almost 2 years ago, come to 2-3 practices a week, and they have come a long way. Will has run several 5k's with the team and with dad, PR'ng most of them and has become quite a social dude with his teammates. Tyler runs more, further, on his own now, and even lets his competitive spirit motivate him. He claims to not like running, but I think he's pulling our legs or got bit by the running bug and doesn't realize it. Makai now runs with Lexington HS and is an assistant coach for us when he comes to help at practices, often gaining frequent remarks from parents about what a great coach he is. 

Thanks a million to the parents who helped with timing, ribbons, field events and anything else you got sucked into! Volunteers - as always, you are invaluable and we are lucky to have you! Thank you all. Great work team!!  

More photos in original post here.

Verge's Fundraiser Road Race - June 24!!
Converge Road Race
Saturday, June 24, 2017

Alcott School, Concord

Timed 5k, 1 mile, 1/4 mile
Kids Races, Mixed Relays

Art exhibit showcasing community art and artists with disabilities
Hands-on arts stations
Kickball games and other fun

More info and registration to come...


CONTACT US for more info on:

Sponsorship Opportunities



Hosting an art station

Being a featured artist to create the top finisher awards*

* We'd love to make an annual tradition of featuring an artist from the special needs community each year who will make the top finisher awards.  Please contact us if interested or for more info!

Logo Designs and artwork - Deadline April 16!
Hey Verge Team...

You've got til April 16 to get your Logo Designs and artwork submitted.  Have fun!!

We will pick one (or a couple to combine) as the logo. All of your fantastic ideas and artwork will be showcased at the exhibit on race day.

Get busy creating!

Cheers to Volunteers

Meet Julie Goff and Laura Balogh
Answering a call for specific help, Laura and Julie joined us this winter, waking up every Sunday morning to bring their professional experience and enthusiasm to help out where needed, which has proven invaluable. What a difference it has made for individuals and the program. They'll be joining us again this spring at Lexington practices. We're so thrilled to have them on the team!

If your child has any behavioral difficulties or troubling integrating into the practice, Laura can help!
If your child has any physical disabilities, weaknesses, or difficulties with movement or the exercises we do, Julie can help!  
Julie Goff - Physical Therapist

Julie is a pediatric physical therapist currently working in the Lexington Public Schools. She has worked in a variety of settings including outpatient pediatrics and early intervention.  Julie's favorite part of PT is helping kids and families improve their abilities and participation in community activities. She loves that her sons Aidan and Gavin can join in the fun at Verge.

Laura Balogh - Special Educator

Laura is a special educator, currently in the Concord Public Schools, and has been teaching for 9 years. She has an undergraduate degree in psychology and elementary education.

Laura has training and experience with applied behavior analysis (ABA) through her experience as an educator and by providing home based ABA services.She has been running recreationally for the past 15 years and is thrilled to provide her experience with children with special needs and her enjoyment for running with the crew at Team Verge.

Interested in joining the team at any of our locations?
Contact us our come by a practice to meet us.

The John Thomas Fund
In addition to helping fund our program, these guys fund some really fantastic causes that benefit children and young adults with special needs, including: education, research, sports and social programs, medical equipment, assistive technology, toys, and a scholarship fund for high school seniors. 

Purchase tickets at
Nutrition Tips

Refueling your body and brain

In addition to making your body more fit, healthy, and strong, running is great for leveling or boosting mood, easing anxiety, increasing ability to think more clearly, and even grounding boundless energy.  However, if you don't eat within an hour of hard exercise, mood and anxiety can worsen, you can feel tired and have no energy, and be unable to think clearly. Your body also doesn't get the fuel it needs at the right time to rebuild and make your muscles stronger.

Just as important is eating before you exercise. A meal 1-2 hours before is good timing to make sure you have time to digest so that you don't get a stomach ache. A small snack 30 minutes before is good too. Avoid fatty and processed foods.

What's a good snack to eat after a run? Some good options that include carbohydrates and some protein are yogurt with berries, maple syrup or honey mixed in; granola with nuts and berries; peanut butter and banana or apple; chocolate milk or smoothie; small sandwich. Remember to drink some water to rehydrate too!

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